An Ohio mom was furious when she was told it was “inappropriate for children to see” her breastfeeding her twins at their nursery.

The 38-year-old mother of Parker, Piper, and twins Aria and Asher recalled the incident to People.

Jennifer Mancuso said she was tandem breastfeeding her twins Aria and Asher last summer when an employee asked her to relocate to a small private room.

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When I hung up with the director of the twins daycare center after that very tense conversation regarding my breastfeeding in their facility, I felt sick to my stomach. I felt like I absolutely had to switch schools and I was very sad about it…to a point I even may have gotten teary-eyed. Anyone who has had their children in a facility, especially multiple children over the course of many years, can understand the beautiful, deep relationships created with the staff. My children’s teachers I look at as “auntie” or a couple as “grandma”. Switching schools was a very depressing thought, but feeling as passionately as I do about breastfeeding and being able to do so in public and NORMALIZING, I just didn’t think I could compromise on this one, not this one. Then, that evening I received an unexpected call from the director. In her voice I could hear a complete 180°. Her tone was completely apologetic. She explained how sorry she was about how her comments as well as the regional managers confusion made me feel. She saw how negatively that could make a new or insecure breastfeeding mother feel and potentially ruin a journey. She spoke with her regional manager and together they decided to have a district-wide sensitivity training on state and national law which protects mothers right to breastfeed their child anywhere and everywhere. She explained they will be updating their handbook to make it very clear so there is no more confusion and will never happen again. She also asked if I would be open to providing additional documents or insight. Of course, I happily agreed. I saw an opportunity to handle this sensitive situation with grace and provide education. I could have stormed off and immediately ripped my kids out and put them in a different school. But I didn’t. I saw a teaching opportunity. Isn’t that what “normalizing” is all about? Spread awareness. This is me breastfeeding the twins in their classroom morning when I dropped them off. Everything was perfect. All the other babies were very interested in what was going on and I enjoyed observing some of the goings on of my girls classroom. . Outfits @zipease

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Mancuso recounted the experience in an Instagram post. She wrote:

I started to nurse on one of the chairs and the director said, ‘Hey Jenn, I’m gonna need you to nurse in the back. The employee break room (which is no bigger than a closet) is where you can nurse from now on.’

She was told that the school-age kids could see her feeding in the public area and it was best for her to leave. She explained:

She said her boss (the district manager who was in the day prior and witnessed me nursing inside my girls room, away from almost everyone) said that I am not allowed to nurse my babies in any of the public spaces and that it has to be in a private space — the s—y little closet break room.

As previously reported by Dearly, moms around the country have defended their right to nurse in public spaces now that U.S. law allows mothers to breastfeed, covered or uncovered, in public or private.

Mancuso said some may argue that she should be more discreet. However, she explains that she wasn’t doing anything wrong and it’s more challenging to discreetly nurse two kids at the same time.

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It finally happened to me in real life. And it happened at one of the places I feel most safe with my children: our daycare. . Because of my schedule with my older two, it works best for me to breastfeed the twins at drop off and at pick up. That way they are still getting mostly breastmilk through the day and maybe a little water or formula with their lunch. . For years, my children have gone here and I have made wonderful relationships with this 100% female staff. I’ve breastfed in the infant rooms rocking chairs as well as on the floor in the twins room and even a couple times in the lobby area. . Each time I am *always* discreet while not using a cover. . Tuesday morning I dropped the girls off like normal and began to start nursing Asher briefly before I left as she had not had any yet that morning. I started to nurse on one of the chairs and the director said, “Hey Jenn, I’m gonna need you to nurse in the back. The employee break room (which is no bigger than a closet) is where you can nurse from now on.” . Dumbfounded, I said “Wait, what?” She said her boss (the district manager who was in the day prior and witnessed me nursing inside my girls room, away from almost everyone) said that I am not allowed to nurse my babies in any of the public spaces and that it has to be in a private space – the shitty little closet break room. I responded saying that I don’t think that’s legal, what they’re telling me. She said, “It’s company policy because we have school age children.” . Pause – SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN?! As if implying what I’m doing is inappropriate for older children to witness?! . She continued that not only is it in their company handbook but because they are “private sector” that the Ohio Law of being able to breastfeed in public does not apply here. . The manager of the location chimed in and stated that also it’s to protect other parents who may find it offensive, because of their religious beliefs. . I literally scoffed out loud and said, wow, this is going to be great Instagram content. I will be sharing this. . #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeedinginpublic #nursingmom #nursingmama #nursingmamaproblems #breastfeedingproblems #breastfeedingprobs

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Mancuso told People that she’s “never” been asked to relocate before that day on August 30. She explained:

“In fact, the director who made me move is also a mom of two sets of twins who breastfed both of them. I had nursed Piper there when she was an infant — in the classroom and lobby — and was never told anything negative.”

She continued:

“I believe this incident occurred because they had their regional director there as well as their ‘state lady,’ who was auditing them at the exact time.”

The manager of the nursery eventually apologized to the mother and even teared up over the incident.

Mancuso said she was considering removing her children from the location until the director apologized. She adds:

“Since then, they’ve had staff sensitivity/breastfeeding awareness training. I overheard a new mom ask where she can nurse and the staff said ANYWHERE YOU LIKE, ANYTIME YOU NEED.”

Mancuso said she wanted to share her experience to normalize nursing, so other mothers don’t fear to nurse in public or private spaces.

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6 Replies to “Mom Speaks out After Her Child’s Nursery Forces Her to Breastfeed in a ‘Closet’ Because It’s Inappropriate”

  • Considerate Mom 2 years ago

    Just because you can do something, and it is legal, it does not mean that you should do it . You have to be considerate to other people and two other people’s children. Some children may not have been exposed to that and she didn’t need to be the one to expose come to it. That is selfish and inconsiderate

    • Kathryn Rinehart 2 years ago

      I totally agree with you. She should feed her children in the car before bringing them to the daycare or to use the private room they offered. If a mother is going to breastfeed in public she should be covered up not like in this picture above.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Like I’ve always said “God gave man a larger brain so they won’t act like animals.

  • sabree 2 years ago

    to those judging her you ate not her and you probably have no clue how hard it must ne for her to feed twins!! children are innocent and if they saw somehthing theybshould ask and be educated why is it ok to see a imals feeding there young but not our own?…. why is peoe making out in public more accepted then breastfeeding? children will be exposed to these things at some point and breastfeeding is not something to be shamed but sn opportunity to teach children yes this is how many babies arenfed and how humand are made to csre for there babies by nature. i appload her and thise religious fanatics that would be offended ĹOWER YOUR FUCKING GAZE!!!!!

  • Gramma 2 years ago

    I Am Glad to Be Older
    Having Been Breast Fed Back When Women Felt Their Bodies Were Sacred (Personal)
    & Appreciated The One On One Bonding During Breast Feeding
    Did Not Require An Audience

    Rather Than Trying to Make A Point About THE RIGHT TO DO IT…
    I Have The Right to Ask You to Respect My Beliefs
    & Frankly I See NO Need for My Young Son to Seeing A Strangers Breast…
    Everyone Has the Right to Their Opinion.
    Just Because You Can Really – Does Not Necessarily Make It Right…

    I Also Appreciate A Man Who Knows Where His Waistline Is
    Sure It Is Legal for These Young Men to Walk Around With Their Pants Hanging Down & Their Ass Cracks Hanging Out.
    But I Would Prefer My Young Daughter Not See A Strangers Crack

    Does That Make Me Wrong?
    No – That Makes Me Normal
    P.S. Love The Little Added Drama

    Everyone Needs Their Minute Of Fame Even If It Brings Shame

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    To the nut who made the comment about making out in public being fine and not breast feeding , they
    were in a DAYCARE not in public and Im pretty sure that it would not be fine ! The mom is obviously
    an exibitionist or she would breast feed them before bringing them to daycare like normal people !

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