A Georgia mom is speaking out on behalf of her 5-year-old daughter who was attacked by an upperclassman on her way home from school.

As WMAZ reports, mom Aubrey Corley says her daughter takes the bus to and from her elementary school every single day.

However, when the 5-year-old walked off the bus on December 4, Corley immediately noticed her daughter’s face was sporting new scratches and bruises.

When Corley asked what had happened, the little girl said:

A 12-year-old gave them to her, who “grabbed her throat and told her to stop breathing, grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the bus wall.”

She was also hit with a book bag and “poked in the buttocks.”

Corley was crushed that her daughter had to experience such violence, but she also knew she had to be strong for her little girl and fight for justice.

The mom told WMAZ:

“I wanted to just break down, but I had to be strong for her.”

Corley continued by describing her daughter as the most loving child, making it difficult to imagine why someone would want to hurt her:

“She is the most loving, outgoing child. She can get along with anybody,”

According to WMAZ, Corley took action by reporting the physical bullying to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, who has since filed charges against the suspected 12-year-old.

The assistant superintendent of the girl’s school district is also looking into taking action of their own.

Jackson Daniel says the school is investigating, disciplining the student, and interviewing the bus driver.

Both authorities and the school district have also reviewed the surveillance footage from the camera installed on the bus.

Investigators described the footage as torture, Corley told WMAZ:

“Mr. Blanks, Adam Blanks, the investigator, he told me that when she got on the bus, the whole 45-minute bus ride was complete terror and torture.”

According to Stop Bullying, here a few signs that could mean your child is being bullied:

  • Unexplainable injuries
  • Lost or destroyed clothing, books, electronics, or jewelry
  • Frequent headaches or stomach aches, feeling sick or faking illness
  • Changes in eating habits, like suddenly skipping meals or binge eating. Kids may come home from school hungry because they did not eat lunch.
  • Difficulty sleeping or frequent nightmares
  • Declining grades, loss of interest in schoolwork, or not wanting to go to school
  • Sudden loss of friends or avoidance of social situations
  • Feelings of helplessness or decreased self-esteem
  • Self-destructive behaviors such as running away from home, harming themselves, or talking about suicide

The website also suggests that it is “important to talk with children who show signs of being bullied or bullying others” because it can often help them “identify the root of the problem.”

The official investigation is still ongoing, which is why the name of the alleged bully and what they are being charged with has not been made public.

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31 Replies to “Mom Speaks out on Young Daughter’s Behalf After She Was Violently ‘Tortured’ on Bus From School”

  • Carolyn S 10 months ago

    It happens too often and usually nothing is done about it.

    • Amanda Fujioka 10 months ago

      I had to pull my kids out of our local district and put them across town. still dealing with my boys being bullied. I talk to the school and their teachers all the time. something has got to give

      • Cara 10 months ago

        I am very sorry your family has gone through this, but very happy you moved your children to another school. More parents should do this, even though I know it creates hardships.

        • Anonymous 10 months ago

          The kids being bullied shouldn’t have to move schools. The bully needs to be dealt with instead!

          • Jack 10 months ago

            You are exactly right . The child doing the bullying should be jerked off that damn bus and not being able to ride ever again !

      • rosa l johnson 10 months ago

        talk to the bullys parents. tell them their child will be arrested or you will have their kid ass kicked by someone older than him. most bullys will stop then. they are usually little cowards themselves.

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    i would be in jail right now ….if that was my daughter,,, i would of busted a few ppl ass one the bus driver for allowing this and not stopping or calling it in.. two .the 12 year old and whoever i had to ,, i promise you that …

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    let GOD back in school

    • anonymous 10 months ago

      oh shut the fuck up

  • Jomola 10 months ago

    My son was bullied starting in 3rd grade by a group of boys. He never told us, his little sister did after it had been going on for quite a while. Once day, one of the boys punched him in the gut while he was on a swing, and he flew off, hurting his tailbone. He was walking so tenderly when he came home that his sister immediately told me what was going on. Turns out he fractured his tailbone and the bully only got “suspended” for one recess. I was in the principal’s office first thing the next day and told him my next stop was the police station to file charges against the bully and the school, for not reporting the incident to either me or the authorities. Well that changed his tune and it was dealt with. Unfortunately, it started up again the next year when my son moved up a grade/changed schools. Once again, his little sister took matters in her own hands because the principal ignored it. She was a fast-pitch softball pitcher (she could throw about 50 mph at the time) and the 3rd day she was in that school (a whole year later), she saw the bullies go after her brother, right in front of the principal as school let out. She dropped her backpack, pulling out 3 softballs. She nailed 2 of the bullies in the nuts and one in the side of the head, then calmly walked over to pick up her softballs and her brother off the ground. My husband was there by then and she walked over to the principal who started to say something and she said “if you had dealt with this when you first found out it was going on, I wouldn’t have had to. Now my dad is right here, if you have a problem with my solution, you can talk to him!” The principal took one look at 6’3″, 280 lb. daddy and said “Nope, not a problem! Have a great day!”. There was only one more incident after that – the bullies started picking on a kid a few years later that came from a really bad home life and my son stood up for him. The bulllies told him to meet them in the parking lot after school, which he did. As did about 40 other kids who walked out behind the bullies and blocked them from leaving when the realized how out-numbered they were. I had a little visit with the principal after that incident and told him about the 6 years of bullying my son put up with and that I had given him (and his sister) permission to deal with the bullies however they pleased, since the school would not, and that my lawyer had a file listing every incident, every date and every outcome. Never heard another word from the school again. The bullies all ended up jail for various crimes after they graduated. Sometimes, karma is a great thing!

    • Danielle 10 months ago

      I agree with you , my daughter was bullied from second grade till fifth grade, she was so depressed at a young age she started to cut herself, I had to hurry and get her in therapy fast, when she was finally strong enough to go back to school I was already teaching her to fight and defend herself she walked into the school went to her classes, and right when the girls went to lunch they tried to attack my daughter , only this this time my daughter was ready , as soon as the girls started my daughter started hitting them back, they never bothered her after that. Yes she was suspended from school but I told them that after all my daughter went through I considered it to be a vacation due to them not protecting my daughter. No I don’t approve of her fighting but standing up for yourself is different, she now stands up for those she sees being bullied. So sad that this happened.

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    this is so sad my son gets bullied it is so sad he hates school he hates getting up for school we fight this is not right I fought I have a lawyer we sued but they are fighting not to give us more years he is gonna go to private but we are fighting for seven years my son is in 5th grade we are honna figh my son deserves to be happy I hope there is more people gonna help these kids we need to be there voice are kids are children need to talk to someone and not keep there feelings in

    • Anonymous 10 months ago


  • Gidge 10 months ago

    There has always been bullying but I do think it has gotten worse as time goes by. That’s why I think every child should know how to defend himself/herself in these situations. If a few bullies got their tails kicked maybe it would slow down. I always told my son when he was growing up – if you bully or start a fight, you’re in for an ass whipping at home. If you’re the one getting bullied, put ’em on the ground. I had a teacher tell me once that there was a no tolerance policy and even if he was defending himself he would be suspended. I told her I guess I would need to take some vacation days then because he and I were going to have a blast while he’s on suspension.

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      Had the same problem when my son was little and I finally called the cops after the bully stabbed him in the chest with a pencil , bully was removed and never seen again I have no idea what happened to him but my son was safe .

    • Melanie 10 months ago

      That’s exactly what happened to my son. Unbeknownst to me three boys in his class (one even being in same Sunday school class) tormented him unmercifully and on the playground they would ask him to join them to play and bounce playground balls off his head. One day he had enough and knocked the one boy to the ground. Suddenly my son was the one being suspended and when I asked the Principal why he said oh you can’t retaliate whatsoever. I was furious and I said warn those boys if they touch my son again the police will be called. They kept their distance after that, but I don’t like to think about what my son had to go through even after all these years.

  • Becky 10 months ago

    Where was the bis driver while this was going on? That would be my question

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      That was my question also

  • Darren Seabolt 10 months ago

    Teach your kids MMA and bullies will run the other way.

  • Wendaline Acosta 10 months ago

    That freaking 12yr old should do jail time. It may be too late she may already be a psychopath .it really pisses me off these bullies should get what’s coming to them all this ,”let’s talk about it” crap, we need go to back when parents had control of their kids. People are too soft today and they know how to manipulate parents.enough said!

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    That freaking 12yr old should do jail time. It may be too late she may already be a psychopath .it really pisses me off these bullies should get what’s coming to them all this ,”let’s talk about it” crap, we need go to back when parents had control of their kids. People are too soft today and they know how to manipulate parents.enough said!

  • Melanie 10 months ago

    Breaks my heart as a mother to see what this little girl endured on that bus. When I rode bus to school as a child I recall if any kid on the bus as much as sneezed toward another kid Mr. Rank the owner and driver of the school buses would come out of his seat like lightening and grab the kid by the neck and kick them off the bus to walk to school or walk home. Wish you could do that today, but for various reasons you can’t, but the bus driver is responsible for being aware at all times what is happening on the bus that she is driving and handle the situation immediately.

  • MariaRose 10 months ago

    Depending on which school district, there should have been a monitor besides the bus driver on that school bus and as a parent, those two would have been the first ones, that I would have questioned before the next pickup it not at the pickup. Children who ride on school buses are supposed to sit in their seats not run around hitting other people. The monitor’s job is to be watching all the children for the entire ride and is supposed to get up for every stop and check on the students on board the bus.
    As far as a follow-up to the school, I would have made a complaint all the way up the line and made sure that corrective action occurred to that student immediately. Usually, in cases like this, the disruptive child has known issues which can be addressed but the parent denies/ignores that child needs help but the school system has to the right to make corrective actions especially when the child/bully has had multiple incidents. If not corrected, the child learns to associate violence with a means to gain respect.
    No child’s bad behavior should be ignored and no one should be bullied.

  • HONEY 10 months ago

    So what bus driver got fired?

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    I want to know what the bus driver was doing. There was certainly a lot of noise during this time of attack, the little girl was probably yelling, crying or screaming. Why did the driver not stop the bus and assist? Why oh why didn’t one of the other students help her? Unbelievable.

    • Anon 10 months ago

      The assailant was a female, according to Monroe County, and there is a 99.9% likelihood of the assailant being black and held back in a grade beyond her age due to low IQ. She has been suspended from the school.

  • Charles 10 months ago

    Yet another reason to home school. Anytime you put your safety and security in the hands of govt authorities you are going to come out the loser. If you argue you can’t protect your kids from every thing I agree but they shouldn’t have to endure this. As a former police officer I learned real quick govt authorities react they don’t act and sometimes for you the victim it’s too late.

  • Winston 10 months ago

    The 12-year old was most likely black and female. This goes on all over the country. In Toledo, Ohio in Nov., a small-framed white 16-year old boy was beaten into a coma by two large blacks as he walked home from school. No one will ever hear about the 5-year old again, because the US media establishment protects these violent blacks.

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      Bullying has no color.

  • Phil 10 months ago

    Bullying is a disease for which there is no real cure. Teachers, bus drivers, principals, coaches and others in authority are typically too cowardly to get involved. They worry about the bully’s family more than the victim or the victim’s family so choose to turn a blind eye and profess ignorance of the situation even when the claim is clearly untrue. I was beaten and bullied a great deal when I was a youngster, often with 3 older kids holding me so the ringleader could break my nose, or ribs, in what he bragged was a fight. When I got older, bigger and stronger, I stopped those who bullied other kids but most of my peers preferred to turn a blind eye. As a parent, I have been on site, that day, anytime my young sons were ever bullied. I have made clear to those in authority that I would be back if anything else occurred to my child or any other child… and, if anything happened, would do to the bully the things he or she thought was evidently okay to do to others. I also point the bully out and put the fear of god in the little delinquent. I have yet to hear from any bully’s parent but have certainly received positive input from other parents. We have also drilled into our 3 sons that they are never to stand by and see someone else abused. This crap continues only if others stand by and allow it, “turn the other cheek” or use some other bullshit excuse to let it go on. Identify the bullies within your community, disgrace them, shame them, shine the light of day on them… like rats, the little cowards tend to run when exposed. Either way, make some noise and do not sit on your hands and hope it goes away… while innocent children suffer.

  • Debbie 9 months ago

    I guess it would be incorrect to say: beat that bully’s ass. So instead I will say: suspend the bully from school.

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