Texas mom Maria Rendon bought her kids a popular laser gun for Christmas, but now she’s warning parents after the toy allegedly malfunctioned.

The mother told News4SA that her boy was playing with the laser gun made by Sharper Image when it started to overheat.

“They had barely started playing with them… He’s like ‘Mom, the gun’s real hot. ‘I said, ‘Let me see.’ So he brought it over and this right here is what was super, super hot.”

Rendon said when she inspected the gun and one of the batteries fell out. That’s when the toy squirted black liquid onto her. She said:

“It just squirted all that. It made a popping noise and it squirted black stuff all over me. My face, my eyes, everywhere.”

The mother reached out to the toy’s manufacturer, MerchSource, after speaking to Sharper Image. They have since promised to give Rendon a replacement.

However, the mother is now warning parents to double-check their children’s toys before they go under the tree next year. She said:

“Make sure to check the toys and everything before they put them there.”

This isn’t the first time a popular Christmas toy has malfunctioned around the holidays.

In 2016, electronic pets called Hatchimals were all the rage. But parents soon became outraged when the hard-to-get toys didn’t work correctly.

The bird-like creatures simply refused to “hatch” out of their shells, prompting some parents to consider a class action lawsuit, according to Business Insider.

Many popular toy companies such as Little Tikes and Discovery Toys have warranties that promise consumers may get a replacement or refund if their toys malfunction.

If you’re hesitant to buy a certain toy, it may be best to check online to see if they have a warranty that will protect your purchase.

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