Sanctimommy is a Facebook page dedicated to calling out the moms who judge other moms for how they live their lives.

Most recently, the owner of the page shared a Facebook post from an unknown mother who shammed others for the way they looked when dropping off their children at school.

What better mother-daughter activity is there than harshly judging other women for their appearance in the privacy of their own vehicles at 7am?

Posted by Sanctimommy on Thursday, December 6, 2018

The unknown woman wrote:

ETA: I know this is stirring up some haters so whatever. Sorry if this hits close to home.

Ladies, even if you aren’t getting out of the car at drop off can you please try a little. I look around as I’m walking my daughter to the front door and all we see is rat nest hair, no makeup, eyebags out to wherever and I’m not ‘100’ but I think I smell morning breath coming from these cars. Damn. My daughter said to me, ‘mommy you are so pretty. My friends mommies all look so old. I’m so proud of you and that you are my mommie.’ On the real, if my seven year old can see you aren’t even trying what is your husband thinking? take some pride.

Sanctimommy wrote in response to the woman’s harsh judgments:

What better mother-daughter activity is there than harshly judging other women for their appearance in the privacy of their own vehicles at 7am?

And thousands of other women chimed in as well.

Many claimed that their husbands don’t care what they look like, they are just happy someone else has to drop off their children:

My husband is thinking “thanks, wife, for dropping the kid off at school so I don’t have to”?

I’m sorry your husband prefers your face with makeup on. That’s gotta sting.

He’s thinking “damn I better keep my mouth shut before she’s had her coffee or they’ll never find my body”

Some days my husband looks at me and says, “Damn, why do you look so good today?” And I reply, “I showered.” Set the bar low, ladies and it doesn’t take much to impress him…

Real talk: this lady’s other Facebook posts are 50% car or gym selfies captioned with “inspirational” quotes from Pinterest, 25% memes about how there are no excuses for being fat/not working out, and 25% memes about how “impossible” it is to make mom friends…

If I’m in the car line, I’m most likely seething at my kid for dragging his feet and making himself miss the bus. Why do you need to get out and walk your kid in anyway, Suzy Sunshine? Tuck and roll, kid.

It’s nice to know there are still moms out there raising their daughters to think their appearance matters most. I hope she puts her daughter in pageants and forces her to be a stewardess for Pan AM.

I drove my kid to the bus stop in a sloth onesie with nothing underneath several days in a row.

I know it’s my goal in life to gain the approval of 7 year olds. How can it not be?

What side of the argument are you on?

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8 Replies to “Mom Slams Other Moms for Not Having More Pride in Their Appearance When Dropping Kids Off at School”

  • masterredfox 2 years ago

    What gives this mother the right to comment about how the other parents look dropping off their children to school and picking them up? Does she know the reasons behind their appearances or is she assuming they have the perfect life where every day all things go in perfect order?
    Now I am not saying that one should not take care of their personal appearances, but you also need to feel comfortable in your body without the need to have the perfect look every time you step outside in “public. If your children’s friends parents feel the need to evaluate your daily appearance with a critical eye, that’s their problem, not yours. You should be more concerned about getting your children to school in a timely fashion, unstressed. Save the fashion statement for a more appropriate time.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Wow! What a shallow individual! Obviously doesn’t have much to deal with or think about other than keeping up appearances. She is teaching her daughter to be superficial like herself. Just like mom not being able to make many mom-friends, the daughter will probably experience the same problems making friends if she follows in her mom’s footsteps.

  • Gidge 2 years ago

    If you don’t like the way I look then just don’t look at me. Case closed. I don’t live for your opinion.

  • Katiedid 2 years ago

    That is an awful thing to teach a 7 year old, that appearance matter most. I see a future bully coming up in the ranks, because everyone wont look like she does or tbe way she wants them to. Shame on the mom

  • Mary Price 2 years ago

    was she up all night with a newborn; fussy kid; anxiety on how to pay the rent;car running;food on the table; the kid is privileged to get a ride (the old “I had to walk a mile through a foot of snow” goes a long way. I’m 67 – so it was only about 2 blocks to the bus stop – but you get my drift – LoL

  • Jerry 2 years ago

    I’m a man and 70 years old and I’ve seen men and women both out shopping and other things in public in pajama bottoms and a sloppy shirt with flip-flops looking like they just got out of bed, even at my age I take enough pride in myself to dress better than that, I wear something like blue jeans and a good shirt to try and look decent.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I think that women need to show some self respect, i always brushed my hair and teeth and put sweat pants and shirt when dropping my kids off at school, not because i’m shallow, but because i don’t want to look like i don’t give a damn about my appearance. It only takes a few minutes.

  • Lola 2 years ago

    Can you say “Shallow as a mud puddle?” No wonder she can’t make friends! What is her child doing while she showers, dresses, does her makeup and hair? Dear Lord, this woman is a piece of work!!!!

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