Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

Krechelle and Dave met on a midnight train.

Recently heartbroken, she was on a mission to preach to all men how much they all “sucked.” He laughed at her for dropping her train tickets. It was love at first sight.

Well, for Krechelle. Dave took a little more convincing.

Luckily for them both, Dave came around three months later when he “confessed he was in love with [her] too.” Eleven years and six kids later, they are happier than ever.

Courtesy of Krechelle Carter

However, there are times when it can be challenging to keep the fire alive.

Krechelle took to her Facebook blog to share some wise words on how to “keep those embers simmering.”

She wrote that despite the pair being very similar, they naturally have their differences as well. Heck, after 11 years, they still “can’t agree what to have for dinner.”

However, it’s those little moments that allow her to appreciate their relationship. She wrote:

He still makes me a little giggly when he gets changed around me. My face hurts from smiling. And I literally can’t seem to take my eyes of [sic] his …….face. Uh sure, his face. Don’t be a dirty bird Krechelle.

Krechelle told Dearly that despite having the occasional rough patch, there is never a time she doubts their relationship. She said:

“We never go to bed angry and we always try to talk things through. Communication is so important! It’s imperative to us sticking with each other and staying together.”

Although it’s easy to take a relationship for granted, Krechelle preaches that it’s important to “put in some time and effort.” Even though that “lady bra” is uncomfortable, someone needs to do something romantic for the other. From her own experience, Krechelle recommends a bubble bath and wine, accompanied by a little making out. Because why not?


Because you friggan are mamma! Hey we’ve all got one of the listed below (well most of us do). The mum tum, the [cesarean] scar, the hip fat, the stretch marks; the bits that aren’t up where they used to be.

Literally Dave hit me on the shoulder trying to grab my boob the other day…. I was like; “babe 6 inches lower and you’ve got yourself a deal.” But guess what? None of that matters. Nothing’s [sic] screams sexy more than a woman with confidence. Shake what yo mamma gave you.

And even though your partner may come on to you at the most inopportune time, it is important not to “swat at him.” Acknowledge that the cheeky butt pinch while you’re making “six lunches, [mopping] a floor,” etc. is his way of saying loves you. And instead of getting annoyed, Krechelle says to “pinch him back.” After all, any way your man has of showing you that you’re “‘the one for him’ should be greeted with love and affection.”

Courtesy of Krechelle Carter

Spending time together is important, but it’s crucial to ensure that that time spent is quality. To do that, “find a good babysitter,” and “turn the [damn] TV off.” Krechelle wrote that the best nights with her husband are the ones where they just “sit around playing music and talking and drinking port.” She told Dearly that their date nights don’t need to be extravagant, but “as long as it’s me and him, it’s good by me.”

Krechelle described Dave as “cool calm and collected.” She told Dearly:

[T]here is something very special about him. He makes my world a better place. He’s my absolute favourite person in the world and my best friend … his constant support for the last 11 years means that he’s more than just a partner, he’s family; the love of my life.

And when you love someone, you often have to make sacrifices for them. As a result, Krechelle recommends letting your partner “do that thing that annoys you.” Whether it’s playing Xbox or “fishing or fixing up old cars,” you can’t take it away from them (Krechelle’s tried). She wrote:

Remember while your [sic] not just a mum they are not just a dad or husband and we all have things we like to do for ourselves! Nothing brings the spark back by being an independent woman who lets her man do what he wants. Sometimes. On a restricted time limit. And also not if I need him to hold my hand. But aside from that I’m not needy at all. Jus [sic] joking.

Courtesy of Krechelle Carter

She says it’s important to remember that “before there were eight of us there were two.” She wrote:

You chose each other. You had a pile of suiters [sic] because your [sic] a dam [sic] superstar and you chose him. And then you made tiny people. Your [sic] the guac to his moley. Your [sic] the vegimite [sic] to his cheese. The eggs to his bacon. Spend some time to remember why you became two before you became more. It’s important, make all the tingles happen.

Remembering these details allows Krechelle to love Dave more now than the day she met him. And while they don’t claim to be experts and their relationship is by no means perfect, she loves “the sh*t out of that man,” and that’s all that really matters.

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