Constance Hall is no stranger to bearing it all for social media. The Australian mom blogger has let followers in on the emotional toll of an unexpected pregnancy, the insecurities of feeling “less than” the perfectly put together moms in the school drop-off line, and has even shared the controversial contents of her shopping cart.

Yet again, Hall gave fans a raw glimpse of life for the expecting mother of five, this time in a more intimate way. Hall showed off her growing baby bump, and much to the amusement of fans, her pregnancy underwear was on full display.

Hall posted the photo to Facebook, remarking perhaps her choice in undergarments was responsible for fiancé, Denim Cooke, resisting any romantic notions the evening prior:

“I may need to upgrade the old undie supply. Densy has managed to resist shagging me yet again last night…” Hall wrote.

Hall’s followers couldn’t help but agree it was time to give her underpants the old heave-ho: “Haha please bin these ones,” wrote one commenter.

Another advised the expecting mother of five to do herself a “favor” and toss the grungy bottoms: “Do urself a favour, get urself some nice undies. I always wear nice matching undies, not for anyone, but myself, u my lovely need to bin this pair, I beg u lol xx.”

Other commenters thought it was the fit of Hall’s underwear that was all wrong: “Would make a good dish cloth ???,” one commenter wrote.

“I feel like these are actually pg [pregnancy] undies, meant to go up around the entire belly for support. ?. You’re either wearing them wrong, or [they’re] Mrs. Doubtfires ??.,” wrote another.

Many of Hall’s fans delighted in the fact the blogger dared to bare what many women admitted to secretly (or not so secretly) having a pair of as well:

I still have the “comfy” knickers I bought when I was first pregnant. Still wear them to bed. My kid’s ten years old now ??

Best undies are the granny panties. I have a pair I can stretch over my boobs. Amazing. My poor guys never seen me in sexy undies ? but he sees all my wobbly bits in the buff what more could he need 😉

I’m preggars and have just stocked up on the biggest most hideous pants ever. Comfort over looks for sure!

Somedays mine just fall down they’re huge airy and amazing♡ how could anyone not love these ?? im all for the granny undies, lifes so much easier with huge grundies..

Nothing beats comfy knickers, don’t care if their old or grey or lost their elastic…..they still go up and feel marvellous ??? (sic)

I have had my six babies and I still wear my grundies, they’re the best lol

These are the greatest undies I’ve seen. Is it just me but I prefer mine with shot elastic and stretched out fabric.

I literally pulled my undies out my draw this morning with a ripped front…but wore them anyway ???

One commenter one-upped Hall with a pair of actual pants:

I have a pair of leggings like these. I call them my “good sleep leggings” because I always sleep well when I wear them to bed. They’re almost see through, have holes everywhere, and major saggy butt. Husband suggested it was time for a new pair. Nope.

Some told Hall her fiancé’s affections shouldn’t hinge on her intimate wear.

One commenter assured Hall it didn’t matter what she wore because “love is blind”:

My husband says I look good in anything. This includes his old t-shirts and a pair of undies that are so big my kids call them Captain America underpants. Love is blind Con. I bet Denim thinks you’re hot hot hot in those things

Another added: “When you’re growing another life inside you, the only person that needs to care or have an opinion on what undies you wear is YOU!!! Lol!!”

Oh, Constance.

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