The next time you buy frozen fish from a grocery store, you might want to take an extra-hard look at the seafood before eating it.

In early August, a mom — who asked not to be named — heard her daughter rummaging through their freezer. Moments later, her daughter called out to her saying, “Mom, did you see the snake?”

Fox Carolina

Not knowing what she was talking about, her daughter pointed out that inside the bag of sealed frozen fish was something that looked like a snake — but it wasn’t a snake at all.

According to Fox Carolina, an aquaponics professor at Clemson University, who studies farmed fish, said it looked similar to a nematode or a tapeworm.

The mom admitted that the discovery “really concerned” her, thus prompting her to contact the Powdersville, North Carolina, Walmart where she purchased the fish.


As it turns out, this isn’t the first time a snake-like creature was found in frozen tilapia from Walmart.

Upon further research, other people have posted videos and photos of their own discoveries on the internet in years past.

Take a look at this video. You can hear the man claim that he purchased the fish from Walmart, showing that it was the same brand that the aforementioned woman purchased for her family as well:

Meanwhile, Brittany Kane purchased her frozen fish from Kroger, but she discovered a worm in her seafood, too:

Today I discovered a worm in my frozen tilapia fish! NBC12

Posted by Brittany Kane on Monday, August 7, 2017

However, as Kane wrote in a comment, she didn’t believe it was the same brand as the one Walmart sells:

According to Fox Carolina, Walmart offered to give the mom her money back. The mom conceded that she would rather see all of the frozen Tilapia pulled from Walmart’s shelves: “It wasn’t just giving me my money back that was a concern, it was just them doing the right thing.”

A spokesperson for Walmart’s media relations department later released this statement:

We are committed to providing our customers with safe, quality foods. We encourage customers with questions about our products to return to the store and speak with a member of management.

It’s unknown if Walmart has any further plans when it comes to selling the frozen fish.

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