Sharni Turner is expecting, but there was one part of her pregnancy that she wasn’t prepared for: the scan of her baby’s face in an ultrasound.

Turner’s doctor showed the mother-to-be the scan which, as Turner jokingly put it, “terrified” her. While many pregnant moms are overcome with emotion by the first images of their growing baby, Turner was admittedly put off:

Turner’s attempt to join in with the other moms who share what they see in their baby’s ultrasound ended up taking a dark turn when it was suggested she get an abortion. One commenter reportedly shared a gif with the caption “Abort! Abort!” while others wrote:

And Turner wasn’t having any of it:

Turner wished detractors who suggested she get an abortion “good luck”:

Before clarifying she had no intention whatsoever to terminate her pregnancy:

And for those troubled by her baby’s scan, Turner shared a more flattering angle of her son:

Nothing scary about that.

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