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Toddler’s Protruding Stomach Was Thought to Be Gas Before She Was Diagnosed With Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer

Toddler’s Protruding Stomach Was Thought to Be Gas Before She Was Diagnosed With Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer

The parents of a Georgia toddler were shocked when they learned their 2-year-old daughter had cancer.

According to Fox News, Meagan Xydias was originally told that the stomach of her daughter, Kenni, was protruding because she was gassy and constipated.

Kenni was also dealing with on-again, off-again fevers, irritability, and picky eating.

She later got her daughter a second opinion when Kenni’s teacher called her in the middle of the day worried about her daughter’s stomach, saying that it looks like it had gotten bigger.

Xydias and her daughter were told to go to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite Hospital for an ultrasound when the mom had a feeling her daughter’s symptoms were more than just gas.

Eventually, doctors told Kenni’s parents that their 2-year-old daughter has stage 3 yolk sac ovarian cancer.

Xydias told Fox News:

“We were blindsided, we thought it was constipation. At the very worst, we thought maybe she would have to have surgery to empty her bowels, but we never thought it was going to be cancer.”

She continued:

“I don’t think my husband believed that she being 2 years old could have ovarian cancer. Me, I was stuck on the cancer part.”

Now, Kenni is in the middle of the fight of her life.

So far, Kenni has had surgeries to remove some of the tumor, her right ovary, and five inches of her small intestine.

She is also preparing to undergo at least four rounds of chemotherapy. According to Fox News, doctors are confident that the chemotherapy will shrink her tumor. However, her parents make it a point not to talk percentages with her doctors.

Day 4 down, 16 to go!Kenni had a better appetite today. She's still doing wonderfully 💙. While we're hopeful things…

Posted by Fight With Kenni on Saturday, March 2, 2019

Xydias admitted that one of the harder things to think about as Kenni’s mom is how this battle will affect her future.

As Xydias told Fox News, it’s unclear how this will affect her ability to grow a family in the future. It’s something they will have to revisit at a later time when Kenni hits puberty.

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She also will never be able to scuba dive because of one of the potentially lifesaving drugs doctors have prescribed her.

The mom said:

“That made me cry so hard. And I don’t know why. I was like, ‘She won’t be able to be in the Navy.’ We’re not even a scuba-diving family. I’ve never even done it before but thinking about those small things that will affect her for the rest of her life — she’ll have to look back and say ‘Oh I got cancer, so now I can’t do this, or I can’t do that. But it’s part of her story now.”

Xydias told Fox News that she wants to be open about her daughter’s battle in an effort to save at least one other family from going through a similar experience.

As a result, she created the Facebook page, Fight With Kenni:

Wow, today was another whirlwind day, but a good one! We were given the opportunity to interview on HLN and spread awareness of childhood cancer and ovarian cancer. Our hope is that we are able to reach others so that Kenni's story can make a difference. Kenni has a little message for everyone below. She's currently feeling great and doing great. We are so proud of our little teal warrior and her strength. We also continue to be eternally thankful for all of you and your love, support, and prayers. We continue to be astounded every day with each of your generosity and kindness. Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts. #kennistrong #fightlikeagirl #unicornsbeatcancer #tinytealsister #cancersucks

Posted by Fight With Kenni on Monday, March 4, 2019

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  • It is becoming more prevalent about the different cancers that are showing up in the news. It is a shame that this young child has developed a malignant tumor at her age. Hopefully testing research will determine if caused by a genetic tendency or an environmental exposure.
    As far as the what if non-possibilities opportunities not open to her from both the surgery and the tumor, those parents should be celebrating her being able to live a life.

  • I have heard of women of all ages having Ovarian Cancer, but not a toddler; this has to be right extremely rare. If I were the father, I would arrange to take the child to St. Jude’s Hospital.

  • I will pray for this child, she so innocent with the cutest smile and God made it so she can live on with her parents as expected. The one thing as a parent is already not an easy fight to raise them so let’s give them and her a lovable engagement for we will win this together so she can go back to her life as being that normal toddler enjoying life without cancer. I pray to God to help Meagan with all her challenges, that she will come thru this with the help of her Doctors hands in getting rid of the cancer in surgery. Bless to her, Amen. And more prayers.

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