Australian mom blogger Constance Hall had a major wakeup call recently, and she’s shared the toll of extreme stress on a pregnancy in hopes other women feeling pushed to the edge will take a step back and relax.

Hall announced in October she was pregnant with her fifth child and first with fiancé, Denim Cooke. In a recent post on Facebook, Hall, now 16 weeks pregnant, wrote she had a pregnancy scare that started when she went to the bathroom in the morning to find “bright red blood” on the toilet tissue:

I woke up this morning and went to the toilet and habitually like most women I looked at the toilet paper, expecting nothing but a wet patch.

Only this morning the paper was covered in bright red blood.

Shocked I pushed the door open and woke Denim up, showing him the toilet paper and bursting into tears.

Hall and Cooke rushed to the emergency room where they waited two hours to be seen. As it was before Christmas, Hall said, many people were “piling in” — people who were in pain, had been in car accidents, people that needed to be seen before her.

Hall had never before experienced bleeding during a pregnancy, and she admitted she wasn’t prepared for what it might mean:

I was really upset, I’ve never lost blood like that in any pregnancy. And I want this little boy so badly, he’s become a part of our every conversation, our family, we’ve named him and fantasize over what his personality will be.


I continued to bleed but Denim asked me to calm down and for the first time in my life I listened. He was right, I needed to calm down.

An examination by the doctor delivered mixed news; though the baby’s vital signs were steady, the “significant bleeding” posed a threat to his health. Hall and her baby were not in the clear yet:

So now all we can do is wait and hope, I’m 16 weeks, if I was to lose him it would be out of my control. I believe it will probably be fine but most importantly I need [to] calm down.

Hall shared her year had been wrought with stress and worry, which often led the expecting mum to wonder how it could affect her pregnancy:

I have had the most stressful year of my life which lead me to often worry about the effect that might have on this baby. All that has ever mattered to me was my family.

According to Kidspot, Hall has been enmeshed in two business-related legal battles throughout 2017. Hall was taken to the Western Australian Supreme Court by her former book editor for failing to pay royalties, reports the Daily Mail reports.

Though Hall did not specifically mention the pending outcome of her court case on her Facebook post, the blogger did state what she plans to expect in the immediate future:

In 2 weeks I marry Denim. In a commitment ceremony because I can’t legally marry yet. I know I have been fairly quiet about it. I just don’t want to trigger the media who empower the trolls and try to stain all of my life’s joy. But we need no paper work or churches, even our rings were under $200 each. We only need each other.

And I need my children.

That includes you little man, I need you to stay. ?

Hall ended her post with the plan: “#bedrest.”

According to the March of Dimes, prolonged levels of high stress during pregnancy can increase the chances of premature birth or low birth weight in babies.

It’s also believed women who are stressed during pregnancy may impact their baby’s development during childhood, such as having children who are afraid or have difficulties paying attention.

The March of Dimes recommends pregnant women under stress identify the cause and work with a variety of solutions to help reduce effects.

Hall later shared that after two-and-a-half “s****y days,” the bleeding finally ended. She thanked followers for their messages of encouragement and support: “I am feeling really lucky and confident,” she said.

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