An anonymous mother took to Kidspot to reveal how she felt when her contentious relationship with her mother-in-law allegedly reached the point of no return.

The mother wrote that she couldn’t handle being put-down or mom-shamed by her anymore.

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So, as the daughter-in-law claimed on Kidspot, she drugged her mother-in-law, Jane, for a moment of peace. In a detailed first-person account, the mom describes what had led up to that decision:

The woman drives me nuts, but I generally grin and bear it for my family’s sake.

Family time is important to me, so when my husband Joseph’s parents suggested we all get away for holiday at the beach, and they were paying, I gratefully accepted the offer.

While on the vacation, the mom, her husband, her three children, and her in-laws all shared a beach-side vacation rental.

According to the mom of three, the first few days of holiday were pretty stress-free. However, when her husband, father-in-law, and two boys left the mom and her baby girl back at the rental with Jane for an all boys fishing trip, that’s when things reportedly got hard for the mom.

The mom claimed “girl time” turned unnerving when the mother-in-law reportedly insulted and fat-shamed her on more than one occasion. But it was when Jane allegedly started attacking her parenting skills that the mom lost it. She wrote:

She thought now was a good time to tell me I was mollycoddling my boys too much, and if I wanted them to grow into “real men” they should be spending more time outdoors, rather than inside with me.

And my decision to give Mabel a small amount of peanut butter on toast was met with the advice that I was setting her up for a lifetime of nut allergies. Naturally …

Then, while we were shopping, Jane told me the carrier I had Mabel in was sure to wreck her spine.

The mom described the complaining and criticism as “never-ending.” So when she saw an opportunity to escape Jane’s criticisms by helping her take care of a cough, she took it.


She wrote:

The idea of sitting with Jane for another couple of hours as she tore me to shreds, so I did something rash.

“Hey Jane,” I said, “I’ve got some medicine that will help with that cough.”

That’s when the mom reportedly gave her mother-in-law “a triple dose” of her son’s antihistamine medicine to make her drowsy:

It always makes him drowsy so I thought I’d try my luck.

Within 10 minutes, Jane fell asleep next to her granddaughter and stayed sleeping through the afternoon:

The rest of the afternoon passed in blissful peace as Jane and Mabel slept the afternoon away. I read some magazines, did my nails and put on a face mask before the boys arrived back from their fishing trip. Jane emerged as I was cooking dinner, saying she didn’t know what had come over her.

The mom admitted that she’s “not proud” of her actions, but felt as if she couldn’t take it anymore.

What do think about this relationship between this mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? And how would you handle it?

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