When Romona Gordon turned on the nightly news, she was stunned to see a surveillance photo of her son. And to make matters worse, the 14-year-old was suspected of carjacking an elderly woman at gunpoint.

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As CBS Miami reports, on January 15, three young men followed an 81-year-old woman out of a Walmart in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. The victim, who asked to remain anonymous, told CBS Miami that she wasn’t worried when they approached her to demand her car keys because they were so young:

“My answer was, ‘Why?’ — and smiling. ‘Give me the key!’ I was friendly because they were kids.”

One of the boys pointed a gun at the woman, and after she handed over the keys, they stole her car, nearly hitting her as they left the parking lot.

The story made the evening news, where surveillance videos showed the three boys trailing the woman into the store.

But when Gordon saw the photos, she recognized her son as one of the criminals. In the video below, she told CBS Miami it was a tough moment as a mother, but there was only one thing to do:

“It is really difficult for me. I’m the one who turned my son in. I do not condone anything like this.”

Gordon told WSVN News that her son didn’t know his image was being circulated, as local law enforcement sought the public’s help in locating the thieves:

“When I saw it, he wasn’t aware that he was on TV. I called the police right away and had them come and get him.”

For Gordon, it was upsetting enough to find that her son was involved in a crime. But the fact that he had robbed an elderly woman made it even worse. She told WSVN:

“His grandmother is the same age! And that’s what I said to him: ‘That’s like the age of your grandma. How could you?'”

Gordon also identified the two other boys involved in the carjacking as friends of her son. Local authorities are still searching for them.

The carjacking victim told CBS Miami she’s recovering from the incident and was especially distressed to learn how young her attackers were:

“Where are we going, where is the future for that kind of kids? Terrible. And that upset me from that moment when that happened, it upset me. But I am getting better.”

And Gordon would likely agree with her. Speaking to WSVB, she said she asked herself, “What is the future for that kind of kid?” Which likely explains why she turned in her son, as difficult as it was. As she explained:

“He needs to learn.”

Watch more on the story below:

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