A Texas mother is furious after her first-grader son was sent home with a note from his school on the day before winter break. It instructed her to cut her son’s hair by January 8.

Tiffany Brown told KWTX that the note said her son’s hair violated dress code and needed to be trimmed to the length of his ears or collar.

The mother said her son had been growing out his dreadlocks and didn’t want to cut them. She thought the rules were “racist and gendered.”

Brown took to Twitter to express her outrage.

She shared a photo of the note, which was put in her son’s backpack, and wrote:

This is the note the school sent home in my son’s backpack. I will not cut his hair. He does not want it cut, so why should I cut it? How does his hair affect his ability to learn? #notmyhair

She added:

My 1st grader was asked to have his hair cut before returning back to school on Jan. 8th! #notmyhair

Brown said that her son’s hair has cultural significance and does not affect his learning, so she didn’t cut it by the school’s deadline.

She told KWTX:

“The way we express ourselves makes us unique and every child is unique. Hair shouldn’t be in the dress code as far as I’m concerned.”

However, the boy’s school, Midway Independent School, said that he isn’t being targeted. They claim that every parent is informed that their child must follow the dress code.

A spokesperson for the school said:

“Since the code applies to all students, it is not discriminatory in intent or by legal standards. students are expected to adhere to the current dress code, which was acknowledged by every student’s guardian at registration.”

Do you think there should be some exceptions to school dress codes? Let us know in the comments.

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33 Replies to “Mom Slams School After Son Is Sent Home With Note in Backpack Giving Deadline to Cut Off His Dreadlocks”

  • Michelle Flores 2 years ago

    You have rules in life. Midway has always had this in code every since I can remember. This child is no different from mine. Cut his hair are move schools! Tired of people using the race card to get out of things!

    • Rnolan 2 years ago

      Sorry – I agree with the mom on this one – the length/type of hair does not impeade his learning.

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        That’s not the point. The point is this is a rule for everybody, and a rule that is agreed to at registration. One person doesn’t get special treatment. If they don’t like the rule, then go to another school! Sick of people thinking they can do what they what where they want. That is not right.

        • Dave 2 years ago

          It’s not a rule for everybody. It’s a rule for the boys only. If you are going to establish something like a dress code, and especially if you are going to differentiate between boys and girls with the dress code, you had better have a good reason for it beyond “It’s what we’ve always done!”

          As for going to another school, kind of rich to expect somebody to move because their school puts a ridiculous rule in place.

    • Kg 2 years ago

      I agree 100%!!! Its a private school with rules the mother agreed upon. She can always move her son to public school. Her son is learning poor life lessons about whining to get your way.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    You can take the child out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the child or his mother!

  • Rnolan 2 years ago

    If it is a private school – it may have private rules – if it is a public school – no, keep the hair.

    Demand the school district/administration review this policy and make plans to put the boy in another school.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    She knew the rules when she registered her son for school. Those rules apply to every male student. If she doesn’t want to comply, she needs to change schools. And, for God’s sake, stop pulling the race card every time someone doesn’t agree with you. It’s really offensive to most of us. That’s racist, by the way! No one deserves special treatment just because of their skin color! We are all equally important!

    • Jen 2 years ago

      Great comments! I agree with this completely. She’s trying to pull the race card to make a special acception for her son but this has always been a rule. They could have chosen to have shorter dreadlocks. It has to do w the length not the actual style, far from racist. Plus, it sounds like other parents got reminders about dress codes.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      I agree. I don’t believe the school is discriminating against this child. The hair style regardless of race can be distracting to other students, which is why schools need to have guidelines. If the child had purple streaks, the school would probably have to raise the hair issue with him/her as well.

    • Kg 2 years ago

      Yes completely agree

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    It is just another way to use that race card and see if everyone caves to it! Today’s society and social climate has made it perfectly ok for people to pull that race card at anything that says they have to follow the rules. From school to the police the race card will always be there to everyone doing this kind of nonsense and will never stop until they get their shit called and made to follow the rules/laws of the land.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    It’s a private school follow rules or put your son in public school my kids all went to private schools and yes their rules are set in stone

  • Penny 2 years ago

    Leave this kids hair alone! I am so sick of these teachers who are Freaken prejudice! & finding anything thing they can to get away with making their statement! Screw them leave the kid alone! If this does happen then the teachers need to teach instead of sending homework home so the parent teaches!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      The school makes its rules and at registration, parents and students agree to those rules. Nobody has the right to just decide they’ll do as they like. They can go to another school.

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        This only thing about this school’s rules is that they were not specific to dreadlocks. In fact, the child is actually compliant to the rules highlighted in the note.

  • HH 2 years ago

    This Kid should have to cut his hair! School has to have rules! dreadlocks are dirty and called that for a reason! School teaches kids how to become adults, respect others and get good jobs. By not following rules kids learn to be disrespectful to others and sure don’t set high goals. If they don’t like the rules then They should move to Jamaica.

  • Wendy 2 years ago

    If they focused more on teaching and educated our children, they wouldn’t be so focused on children s hair and the cloths they were. This is the leased thing to worry about, we have bullying kids killing them self over it. And if they don’t, their shooting up schools with our children in it. This is a joke. It make me sick.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      The problem is people don’t like to abide by somebody else’s rules!! This school has rules and that’s the bottom line. They ARE focused on education and step 1 is: you follow the rules!!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Wendy you are missing the point and your English needs a refresher!! This child has to follow the rules just like every other child. The mom is making her son feel like the rules do not apply to him!! She is doing a major disservice to the young boy! He needs to be aware that when rules are set he will be expected to follow them whether he agrees with them or not. It has nothing to do with his race. The rule is the rule. Follow it or go elsewhere, PERIOD!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Very discriminatory. African Culture is very wide range. Most definitely agree with the Mother. In my opinion if anything cutting his hair may have a negative effect.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      No it’s not!!! ALL the boys have to have their hair this length. Mom agreed to that when she registered her son. If she doesn’t agree now, she can go to another school! The world doesn’t just change it’s rules because somebody just happens to be there and not agree., He wants to grow his hair longer than the schools rule? A white boy wants to grow his hair long cause he is a hippie? Then go to another school!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      STOP!!! Just stop!!!! It has nothing to do with his African roots!! Good lord. She chose for him to go to this school. If she doesn’t agree with the rule then LEAVE!!! I know plenty of white people who have dreads. Guess what if their children have them and they want to attend this school the white kid will have to cut his hair too. Follow the rules, close your mouth and stop relying on your race as a get out jail free card!!

  • Joyce Greenwalt 2 years ago

    Easy fix don’t cut the hair take the dreds that offend or that break rules for being to long and put them in a ponytail then when they get to long for that put them in a man bun. Everyone is talking about the race cars what about the gender card because girls get away with so much more. When we moved and my son went to a new school one of his teachers told him he was going to have to dye his hair back to it’s original color because the color of red he had chosen was a distraction to the class my son politely replied that would be difficult to do since that was his normal color and the teacher came to him to inspect his hair and that’s when my son told him that touching him without consent would cost him his job.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Joyce your son sounds like a brat!

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        Yup This is where it ALL begins. If you don’t follow rules in school, you’ll have to follow them in prison.

      • Kg 2 years ago

        I agree…..brat. Future lawsuit child!!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I agree with not cutting, but putting hair in ponytail while at school. However, if that doesn’t work, either cut hair or change to a school that does accepts his hair. I’m black also, but a woman. Rules are Rules!!

  • Theia Trusselle 2 years ago

    This is a ridiculous rule. It is biased against boys. I would contact the ACLU.

  • Monica Schneggenburger 2 years ago

    Midway Independent School District
    McLennan County, Texas.
    This is a public school and not a private school. To each person who is saying it is a private school. I agree if it is a private school if I do not like the dress code then go to public school. I have three grown sons and there is no one going to tell me how long to have my sons hair. ( I had one son to this day who wears an Afro the other two liked there hair short) but I bring my children to school to learn not to tell me how I should style there hair. And as well if I did not like a particular discipline method like writing sentences, I let the teacher know, my child will not be doing sentences, you can have him to a research project, or an essay, but he will not be doing sentences. Just because my child goes to a school does not make the school the right to not accommodate reasonable requests I make as my child’s parent. And as far as notified the parent when child was registered is a joke. Many places give out packets but never explicitly talk about dress codes. If there was a safety reason to have the hair cut that is one thing, but just because they want to dictate what length they feel is appropriate, leave that to parents.

  • Stephen 2 years ago

    I agree with the mother! I would want pictures of every child that attends the school. His hair isn’t even long? I garaunte you find other boys with longer hair. I would change schools, that’s ridiculous! His hair is fine and he is adorable! Poor kid.

  • Thomas Ianello 2 years ago

    While I agree that rules are rules and children should be taught to follow rules, the picture that was provided in this story doesn’t defy the hair length dress code. It’s truly at least 2″ above his ears! Oh wait, it does protrude below his eyebrows so it could use a trim. Big fucking deal! Talk to the parent, don’t just send a note home and TELL them it’s our way or the highway. Today’s society is far above rediculous and common sense has gone out the window.

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