Like many moms, Laura Mazza took it as an article of faith that babies ruin your figure.

Mazza, who blogs at Mum on the Run, wrote on Facebook that she was told over and over again that “babies ruin bodies”:

I was told that so many times growing up, before kids were a thought, when I spoke about having children and even when I was pregnant.

And Mazza isn’t the only one. Moms have absorbed that lesson so well that the mere concept of “bouncing back” to your pre-pregnancy body is fraught with controversy. Personally, I always accepted that having a baby meant giving up on the idea that you would ever have an awesome figure again (absent surgery, great genes, or far more gym-related willpower than I possess).

“Babies ruin bodies.”I was told that so many times growing up, before kids were a thought, when I spoke about having…

Posted by Laura Mazza – Mum on the Run on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Having given birth to three children, Mazza can attest to the effect on her body. While sharing a photo, she wrote:

Three children later and the marks of their beginnings are there. Loose skin, stretched skin, white lines. The markings of where a tiny heart once grew, where fingers and toes sprouted, where my smile was made and daddy’s eyes were created.

Where love was made. All in this body.

“Babies ruin bodies,” goes the saying, but Mazza rejects that concept completely. Instead, she’s celebrating the fact that her body brought her three children into the world — a beautiful, awe-inspiring thing.

In the comments, many people agreed with Mazza. The idea that a mom’s figure has been “ruined” by the effects of pregnancy was rejected again and again as women chose to celebrate the stretch marks and other imperfections that follow childbirth.

And Mazza herself has a flat rebuke to the idea that “babies ruin bodies.”

“Actually they don’t,” she wrote. “It was society’s unrealistic expectations that ruined my body before children, now my body is perfect. It created life.”

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3 Replies to “Mom Has Scathing Reply to Idea That Babies Ruin Your Body: ‘My Body Is Perfect. It Created Life’”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    What is the female body for except to create life? It’s biology folks!

  • Darren Seabolt 2 years ago

    Well yea it does ruin their body a little but it should be worn as a badge of honer, not something to be ashamed about because God created women to carry babies.

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