Colorado teen Victoria McKenzie was on her way to high school in early January when she was hit by a pickup truck while crossing a busy intersection near Aurora.

The truck driver didn’t realize he’d hit the 16-year-old — until he made it all the way back to his home more than a mile away, according to KDVR.

Victoria was a star student at Smoky Hill High School, where she made good grades and was known for her love of skateboarding, according to the Denver Post.

But all of that came to an end on January 11, when the truck turned onto Buckley Road just as she was crossing.

Mom Melissa McKenzie told the Denver Post:

“He told the cops that he thought he had (hit) a cone, but there was no construction.”

Victoria was dragged for more than a mile underneath the truck as the driver continued home.

KDVR reports that he said he had no idea the 16-year-old was fighting for her life beneath his vehicle, per the Aurora Police Department.

According to the Denver Post, witnesses who saw the girl being dragged said they honked at the truck in an effort to get him to stop. She was later located under his car and much of her clothes had been ripped off, her mom said.

Victoria was taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated for internal injuries and broken bones. Her mom got one last chance to talk to her.

The teen asked her, according to KDVR:

“’Mom, am I going to be okay?’ And the last thing I said to her while she was still awake was, ‘Yeah, baby, you’re going to be fine.’”

Sadly, the teen passed away from her injuries on January 15 due to septic shock; no arrests have been made in the case.

No drugs or alcohol are believed to be involved in the case, 9News reports. Police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation.

According to the Denver Post, police are waiting on results from the medical examiner before deciding on any charges. But the family is taking the matter into their own hands.

They are currently deciding if they should file a lawsuit against the driver who dragged their daughter under his car.

Watch coverage of the story below:

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