Mel Watts has tried just about everything to help with her daughter’s skin issues.

As Kidspot reports, the writer and mom-of-four blogs at The Modern Mumma. Her daughter, Indie, has experienced painful and irritating skin problems since she was just an infant.

Mel told Kidspot they have tried everything, from diets to creams, to help soothe their daughter’s skin:

“We’ve seen naturopaths, doctors, specialists. She was on dairy-free, gluten-free for months, we’ve done the elimination diet, we trialed creams upon creams and have more tubes of ointment, lotions and potions than the local chemist. We’ve gone natural and we’ve used prescriptions. None have helped her.”

In 2017, Indie finally got a diagnosis that explained her persistent rashes. Indie has eczema and psoriasis. They started with a regimen of cream and bleach baths, which has helped. However, the mom still gets lots of questions about the patchy areas on Indie’s arms and legs.

#indiefaithwatts A lot of questions come through about her skin. She has eczema and psoriasis. Which is being treated…

Posted by Mel Watts – The Modern Mumma on Monday, February 4, 2019

And they still have to be vigilant about treating the rashes. In February, Mel wrote on Facebook:

There’s plenty of treatments and I can assure we’ve done hundreds and spent thousands. From diets to bleach bathing. Of all the things that can happen to a child or anyone for that fact I’m blessed she only has eczema.

Indie’s latest treatment, however, has raised a few eyebrows.

Last week, Mel posted on Instagram about the new way they’re dealing with Indie’s eczema, by bathing her in breast milk. She wrote:

Indie was so excited to have a bath in “boobie milk” … I mean you try everything right?

Taking breast milk donations … Yes … it’s not my breast milk cause that’ll be well and truly stale.

Mel later clarified that she actually has a donor source for breast milk and doesn’t need donations. She added that the breast milk baths had a significant effect on Indie’s skin:

Try it in the bath for your babes, her skin is so smooth!

The mom told Kidspot that they haven’t abandoned their usual medical treatments for Indie’s eczema; the baths are just meant to help soothe her dry skin.

The idea of bathing in breast milk was intriguing to other parents, who said they might want to try it for their own children.

When one mom commented, “Does this work? My [6-month-old] bub has bad eczema. Will try this for sure,” Mel encouraged her to try it.

On Facebook, several people shared their own good experiences with breast milk treatments. One commenter wrote:

My mother in law made soaps out of breast milk and it’s the best thing we’ve ever used on my daughter who has severe eczema. We haven’t had a breakout since. I always bathed my babies in my booby milk it’s the best thing for their skin.

Others found the idea of a breast milk bath extremely off-putting. One Instagram commenter called it “stupid and very unsanitary.”

Mel wrote that after the bath, her daughter’s skin “came out super smooth. She just sat in it for a while.” While she knows that the idea of a breast milk bath might be too much for some people, she also knows how hard it can be to treat childhood eczema. She told Kidspot:

“When you’re a mum you’ll do anything to give your child some relief.”

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