Mother of three Amy Weatherly said she used to be the girl “who only wore wedges and trendy tops” to complement her flawless makeup and big hair.

But after three kids, the idea of getting dolled up seemed less important, she wrote on Facebook.

And last month, a friend she hadn’t seen in some time pointed out the change. Weatherly wrote:

We chatted and hugged and she laughed and said “I can’t believe I’m seeing you out in public with no makeup and tennis shoes. Who even are you anymore?”

Amy Weatherly/Facebook

The mom automatically responded:

“Yeah, Something about that third baby really forced me to let myself go,” I said in a funny voice as an automatic defense mechanism.

Weatherly said she carried on with her day but couldn’t get over her own words. She wrote on Facebook:

But I kept thinking about my words, they kept rolling through my head over and over that day and left me feeling like crap: “let myself go.” I knew I didn’t look the same as I did before, but had I actually let myself go? Ten extra lbs and a messy bun would point to yes, but my heart screamed “HECK TO THE NO YOU HAVE NOT, GIRLFRIEND.”

It was that moment that Weatherly realized she hadn’t “let herself go” but rather let go of what was unimportant.

Weatherly wrote:

You haven’t let yourself go. Stop saying that. It’s rude. It’s derogatory, and it’s downright absurd. You haven’t let yourself go, you have simply let go of the need to look perfect all of the time.

You have simply let go of stuff that isn’t important and traded it in for stuff that will leave a lasting legacy. You have simply let go of stuff that will last a little while, for stuff that will last for generations and generations and generations.

The mom said that makeup and new outfits don’t “define you.” Weatherly concluded:

You are more than just a pretty face.

You are a momma. You are a wife. You are a sister. You are a lover. You are a fighter. You are a warrior. You are a daughter. You are a student. You are a teacher. You are a dreamer. You are a doer. You are giver. You are a believer.

You are you, and that can never be taken away from you.

Amy Weatherly/Facebook

Many on social media were moved by Weatherly’s powerful message. Some mothers commented on Facebook that the post “struck a cord” with them.

Dearly has reached out to Weatherly for comment and will update with any response.

What do you think of the idea of “letting yourself go?” Let us know in the comments.

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