Latoye Sutter was at work when she received a text message at around 9:03 p.m. on December 6.

The message was from her son’s day care, and it said that another child had scratched Dakota. Initially, Sutter wasn’t too worried about her son getting scratched, so she asked to have a picture sent to her.

Posted by Isiah Carey on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Sutter told CBS 19 that it wasn’t until she received the photos of her 18-month-old son’s injuries that her heart started racing:

“I asked her to send me some photos. It took her a minute to send them back, but when I saw the photos I left immediately.”

According to Sutter, she was initially told that the attack only lasted a few seconds.

Sutter told CBS 19:

“When I made it to the house, she [the day care owner] was holding my son. He had cream all over his face. She explained to me that she had stepped away to light the fireplace, and when she came back my son was crying and covered in blood.

[…] She said my son was laying on his cot sleeping, and the other child was next to him on his cot on the iPad when she stepped out of the room. She said they were okay… and the next thing she knew my son was crying, and when she came back over and turned the light on my son was standing there covered in blood.”

However, the mom was later told that the attack could have lasted about five minutes. The day care owner said that a 4-year-old child was responsible for Dakota’s injuries.

According to CBS 19, that child was removed from a previous day care for similar behavior. It was a realization that angered Sutter:

“And you knew this child had these types of issues, there’s no reason why he should have been left alone even for a second with a one-year-old.”

Dakota was taken to the hospital while police and the Department of Human Services were called to the day care, which is run out of the owner’s home.

Posted by Isiah Carey on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

One of the responding officers allegedly told Sutter that her son looked as if he was “mauled by an animal.”

A spokesperson for the Mississippi State Department of Health said in a statement that the day care was not licensed:

This facility is not licensed, nor has it applied for a license. We are currently investigating the matter. It is important to remember that not all facilities need to be licensed, it just depends on the circumstances.

Sutter told CBS 19 that her son is continuing to heal. However, he has been much more clingy in the days following the attack:

“He’s a little withdrawn. He’s clingy. If you get up to go to another room, he follows you. He doesn’t just venture off like he used to by himself.”

Dakota had only been enrolled at the day care for about a month. Sutter said she chose this specific day care because it was the only local childcare service that offered after-hours care — something Sutter needed because she works at night.

Posted by Isiah Carey on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

As of December 11, the day care has not been criminally charged. However, the investigation is still ongoing.

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11 Replies to “Mom Says the 4-Year-Old Who Attacked Son at Day Care Was Removed for Similar Behavior in the Past”

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    This incident isn’t just one scratch. This poor baby must have been screaming and crying at least five minutes. You don’t leave children to light a fire. That in itself is dangerous with children. This woman needs to be charged with neglect. Completely unnecessary incident. ??

    • sonja 1 year ago


  • Debbie 1 year ago

    Something needs to be done about the little demon that attacked this baby, This isn’t the first time he’s done this to another kid. Are they just going to keep moving him from daycare to daycare until he seriously injures a baby like the little psycho who stomped a baby to death?

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    A child in rage can do a lot of damage in just minutes, scratches will heal, thank God his eyes are ok, but what makes this other child do these things. It is not normal behavior to scratch someone up like that, that child needs help and his family needs to be investigated.

  • Peter M 1 year ago

    People should keep an eye on that child who attack this little boy. I shudder to think what that child will grow up to be.

  • Zeek 1 year ago

    He looked though he had been mauled by an animal because he was.

  • kat 1 year ago

    No day care should allow a violent child to remain.

  • James Thomas 1 year ago


  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    I would have beat her ass thats why I never send my kids to day care because they watch the good enough for me.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    The daycare provider definitely needs to be investigated, as this is truly a neglectful situation. The older child and his family need to be investigated to determine what trauma he has been exposed to in order for him to be so violent towards other children. Both children and their families need some help and support around this incident.

  • Angi Stamm 1 year ago

    Are you sure it was the other kid?

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Mom Says the 4-Year-Old Who Attacked Son at Day Care Was Removed for Similar Behavior in the Past

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