A furious mom said a teacher gave her son an unwanted haircut and carried it out badly.

Amy Martin told NBC 4, her 16-year-old came home from school on Tuesday in tears after his Hico High School principal forced him to cut his hair because it violated the district’s code of conduct.

Lane Keisling, a high school junior from Texas, was told he needed a haircut and his parents tried three times but failed to take him to a barbershop. Keisling’s mom said the family had been on a tight budget. She explained:

“Money’s really tight right now. We just moved and there’s a lot of expenses and a haircut’s just not even on my radar right now.”

Keisling’s shaggy hair was well below his eyebrows but never covered his eyes.

But this week he was pulled from class and was told a teacher with a cosmetology license would fix his long hair. According to the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, his family claims that no one asked his permission to cut his locks.

NBC 4 News

Keisling, however, sat down for the barber during 7th period and it’s unclear if he was given the choice to chop off his bangs or face disciplinary action. He told NBC 4:

“I got sat down and she got ready to cut my hair and then told me she’s only cutting my bangs.”

He was shocked when the teacher cut across his bangs using “school scissors” and made him look like Jim Carrey in the film “Dumb and Dumber.”

NBC 4 News

Keisling said he was sent back to class where he was greeted with laughs and mockery. The student explained:

“I wasn’t trying to break any rules. I worked Saturday to get money for a haircut. I don’t understand why they didn’t just send me home. I don’t want to go back to school or go out at all. The kids made fun of me.”

When he came home and told his mother about the incident at school, she was “livid.”

Martin took to Facebook to vent her frustrations.

My 16yo son came home from school crying. His principal took him out of class and had a teacher (who is a licensed…

Posted by Amy Martin on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

She wrote:

My 16yo son came home from school crying. His principal took him out of class and had a teacher cut his bangs off!

Martin added:

I could understand a trim to make it so he was within dress code but she cut his bangs off at a choppy angle. The teacher even asked her if she was sure! She made him look like Jim Carry in Dumb [and] Dumber but worse.

According to the Hico school handbook:

If the principal determines that a student’s grooming or clothing violates the school’s dress code, the student will be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school. If not corrected, the student may be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day.

The school did not comment about the haircut but in a statement issued to NBC the district wrote:

As part of our commitment to provide a safe and secure learning environment, Hico ISD has a student code of conduct and student handbook that is comprehensive. Student expectations are shared at the beginning of every school year.

We also ask parents to sign off on our procedures which are based on community values. We encourage parents to be involved in decision-making processes, share how they feel about district operations and to share any concerns with their child’s principal. Ultimately, our priority is to educate and support the well-being of every student in Hico ISD. The district will make no further comment on student matters.

Martin told station:

“I know it’s just hair. It grows back. But it’s not like she just gave him a haircut. She hurt his self-esteem. His self-image. That’s the problem.”

According to the Tribune, Keisling’s mother is considering taking legal action against the school over the incident and claims her son has been “traumatized” and wants to change schools.

Watch the video below:

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39 Replies to “Mom Blames HS for Son’s Humiliating Haircut After Teacher Cut His Bangs off Because of the Dress Code”

  • ALC 2 years ago

    Well, you havent helped his case any, Mom, by saying to all the world that your 16 year old came home crying. Classmates will forget the haircut, but the crying.

  • KA 2 years ago

    Wow ALC your a true jagoff. Let’s just make it worse. Yeah the young man cried, so freaking what. I grew up in that bs of boys don’t cry. It’s an emotion, it does not just disappear. The school wtf it’s not the 60’s assholes. His hair is clean and has nothing to do with safety

    • Jan 2 years ago

      Wrong answer. Follow the rules. Doesn’t seem like anybody gets that concept anymore.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    That’s assault is Annette

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    isn’t that considered assault??!!

  • Gary Adler 2 years ago

    I hope the parents file criminal charges and sue the school and the teacher. The teacher has no right to touch the child.

  • Grandma Ida 2 years ago

    I agree KA ….. However Lane was humiliated just having to walk back into class! Kids don’t care, or understand that tears are part of an emotion. ALL those kids shed a few tears along the way. Lane was the ‘target’ that day. The school should have sent the teen home with instruction to get his hair cut. THEY are more responsible for Lane’s tears than Mom! The school authorities need a lesson in understanding teen feelings. Those young emotions are fragile and lasting. We adults took a long time to understand empathy. And that nonsense the teacher has a cosmetology license! …. Guess that’s why she doesn’t work in a salon! Sorry! ( well, not too sorry ) This situation could have been handled differently. Gook Luck Lane! The school made a mistake. Okay, a BIG mistake! Next time, get those cool bangs snipped a little ?‍♂️ and wait for summer vacation to show your independence.

  • Brenda C Hughes-Bass 2 years ago

    Yes it is. But probably not in the way that you’re thinking. To me the assault is on a lower income family. They should’ve sent the boy home. He had done a job and save some money so he could get his hair cut that Saturday. This woman is a tyrannical liberal principal, that needs to go. This isn’t needed in Texas. My son wore his hair like this for years all the way through high school, I wasn’t a big fan of it. But it was short in the back and it wasn’t covering his eyes. This woman principal needs to be fired!

  • Hector Jr 2 years ago

    Stop combing it forward. He’s not 5. It’s not that he cried. It is that he cried over short bangs. Ok maybe he’s sensitive and got his feelings hurt by his classmates.
    And to the school keep your effing mitts off people’s body.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    That’s messed up. Totally not ok. I would take legal action. Or I’d go up behind the bitch and cut her hair off and see how she likes it.

  • PC 2 years ago

    You’re absolutely right , The teacher had no right whatsoever to put her hands on him . THE TEACHER is in violation. I pray the parents sue the school and the Teacher.
    Normally, I wouldn’t say such a thing but people need to have respect for Our Children and their boundaries!

    What that teacher did was like punishing this young man for not having the funds to get a haircut.
    The rules state he could be “ suspended “
    Not dragged down to the Barbershop.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    No one should touch a child except his or her parents. The only exception is to prevent violence or danger to another. How would you feel if your child was embarrassed like this child was.

    The school should have sent him home or contacted his parents saying he should not return until he had his hair cut.

  • Pubinsmom 2 years ago


  • Pubinsmom 2 years ago

    What happened to the days where students followed the rules? God forbid any of these whiny wimp boys ever get drafted. They won’t have a choice how there studid looking bowl cut looks. Cutting somebody hair is assault now? This country is absolutely sick. I NEVER post comments, but this pushed me over the top.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Dumbest thing I ever heard,

  • Diana Medina 2 years ago


  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    He was humiliated & traumatized & there is no excuse for it! It is time that the mother sue the school, principal & teacher! I have a lot of compassion for teachers but this one crossed the line! By all means change schools if you can because his junior & senior years are done in the school he is in!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Why not contact a barber and explain situation, Bet you could have gotten it done for nothing with Moms permission. Sounds like “we want this new kid to know who’s in charge”.

  • Casey James 2 years ago

    Boo hoo. Ragged looking kid gets his baby bangs cut.
    They will probably never grow out.
    Irresponsible mom wants attention for her 16 year old crying bsby.
    Get over it!

  • John 2 years ago

    What a STUPUD comment. Freedom of expression goes beyond verbal and written word. School has no right to force somebody to modify their appearance. ESPECIALLY somebody else’s child. His hair posed no threat to security or physical harm. I’d be suing the school, the principal and the teacher who cut his hair. I’d make sure rules are implemented so that it never happens again. Bunch of stupid adults involved.

  • Jess 2 years ago

    Thank you KA! The school was wrong and they know it and they are going to hide cowardly behind that BS statement about keeping the school safe. A kids hair…..really?? A matter of keeping the school safe?! What goes through peoples dumb dumb minds to think that they can chose to cut someone’s hair?! I don’t go on Facebook myself, I would have immediately got into my car and confronted the school right then and there! How dare they?!! And ALC is defecting from the issue at hand, the kids were making fun of him immediately!! God what are people thinking??

  • Jess 2 years ago

    Hey Pubinsmom….I wouldn’t call it assault and I’m sure some people are going to use that word to describe it and disagree or not, the school handled it completely wrong. It is not their choice in that matter, parents absolutely should have been talked to first. And getting drafted is a stupid example to use in this case. You using an example of men being told against their will that they have to go to war and comparing it with another situation where again, someone is being told to do something against their choosing. ????hmmm? It’s kind of weird that these people were so bothered by one kids haircut. They didn’t have bigger and better things to do? And where is this out in the country or did that so called cosmetologist just get out of school? What professional stylist uses regular scissors to do it?! What’s wrong with people?

  • LB 2 years ago

    With everyone screaming sue the schools, it’s no wonder there is no money for supplies, maintenance and teachers’ raises. Just, sue someone and get rich. Good grief, it’s just a haircut. He was not physically injured, just his feelings and maybe by 16 he needs to learn to be responsible for himself. Rules and posted and everyone signed off on them. How hard would it be for the mother to take 5 minutes and trim her sissy son’s bangs. Quit bitching.

  • Renee Lindsey 2 years ago

    The parents should be contacted and the issue discussed. Cutting a child’s hair without verbal or written consent of a parent is wrong. The school exceeded its authority and should be sued for damages by the parents.

  • Casey James 2 years ago

    When will all the bleeding hearts get real?
    Mommy wants attention and uses sonnyboy to get it.
    I am SICKENED over all the comments, sue, sue, sue.
    She didn’t amputate a limb!!!!

  • Kristi Harris Smith 2 years ago

    I understand that schools have dress codes to provide an environment where no one stands out or can be targeted for their appearance so that education is the focus of the students. There are rules that must be followed by all students and parents. School personnel know that children in this age group are still developing and learning who they are and how they fit into the world. Everything about their appearance, speech, abilities and performance play a huge part in their fragile self esteem and interaction with other students. Incidents like this have a huge impact on their future and being comfortable with who they are. Principals, teachers coaches and guidance counselors know what a difficult time this is for young people in their development and every effort to promote positive self esteem should be made for every student no matter what the circumstances.
    If he was not conforming with the dress code it should have been brought to the parents attention with a time frame to correct the problem. If it was not corrected in that time frame he should have been sent home until it was with any absences unexcused. In no way should a principal, teacher or any other personnel at any school cut a child’s hair, change their clothing or touch them without specific consent of the parents or student. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure their children are prepared for school in every aspect and if they are not the school’s option is to send them home until they are, not to make them the target of ridicule and embarrassment.
    This is a sad situation for the young man, his mother should have known the dress code and made the haircut a priority even if she had to trim his hair herself. The teacher and principal should have followed the school rules themselves and sent the boy to in-school detention for the remainder of the day or sent him home.
    I grew up in the time where swats were rendered by the principal for disciplinary problems and I received swats myself one time in junior high for a false accusation and held great resentment for the student responsible for the accusation, the teacher who never questioned it and vice principal who handed down punishment without verifying any guilt. It had an enormous impact on the remainder of my educational years that was not good. I cant even imagine what it would have done to me had my hair been cut at school by a teacher, I’m sure the results would have been worse than the swats were.

  • ALC 2 years ago

    Wow KA. Yes, mom made it worse. No, boys shouldnt cry because his hair doesnt look like a sloppy mess. Instead of keeping it within the school, she blasts it for all the Twitter/FB world to know her 16 year old son came home crying. Seriously? The kids would have forgotten about it. Now? Not so much.
    Yes, he should have been sent home instead of a teacher cutting it. But the parents were notified a few times. I dont believe the excuse of “tight budget. We just bought a house. Blah, blah, blah.” Excuse, excuse, excuse. There are Cost Cutters and discount hair places all over. $14.99 and under for a cut. No excuse. Rules are rules. Whether “its not harming anyone” or not. The school has rules, follow them.

    Oh, and KA? Nice to assume my gender. You know what assuming makes you?

  • Diana Hudson 2 years ago

    Why is his hand covering his face? Okay the school didn’t have any right cutting it. Maybe the boy told them he didn’t have money for a haircut.I was a single Mom and didn’t always have money for haircuts, so I learned how to trim hair. I think Mom should have stayed off social media. He’s probably more embarrassed by that.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    This is completely inappropriate. The school had no right to do this to this child. They are not his parents. I hope the family keeps him home and homeschools him for the next month or so until he feels confident to return to school. The school should also be sued and the teacher should be prosecuted. Just because you are charged with teaching our children doesn’t give you a right to make parental decisions. Stay in your own lane!

  • Me 2 years ago

    Uh his hair looked pretty dumb beofre the haircut…..

    Mom says they were low on money to get a haircut so lets see how much they sue for

  • Jane 2 years ago

    To all these people saying he should have just trimmed his bangs, read the article ! Haircuts are expensive these days. They were low on money. Gas for the car and groceries are more important expenses than a haircut.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Trim bangs himself or Mom or Dad trimm them.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    SAD to SEE the School take it into their OWN Hands in the way they DID IT.!! WRONG.They Have no Right to Touch his Hair and Lye about who was going to Cut it DID NOT REALLY know HOW to CUT otherwise the Hairdresser would have DONE a Good Job in the Cut.! You don’t Cut Hair Like THAT. NOW’S the TIME for A SUE .!!!

  • D. D. S. 2 years ago

    Please explain to me what a student’s hair length has to do with “a safe and secure learning environment”. Every time we turn around – there’s another story about a student being singled out and humiliated by school officials all in the name of “a safe and secure learning environment”……which is a load of BS…….school official’s jobs are to teach our children the necessary skills and knowledge they need to function in the world when they strike out on their own – not police their hair length, their hair color or style, their clothes, etc…….

  • lori wright 2 years ago

    The school had no right taking the liberty of cutting this boys hair. What kind of school is this? If it was my son, you bet I’d be very upset. Doesnt the school have more important matters, like teaching? This is absurd!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    The school had a dress code which I am sure everyone had a copy. At 16 this boy was a man and knew he violated code. At 16 he knew how to cut hair to be in code or ask his mom to trim it. At 16 children are no longer little kids but young adults and should act like it. No wonder so many die using drugs or end up in jail…they are never held accountable.

  • Randi 2 years ago

    No, if they had an issue they should have told him to not come back until his hair is cut, they have ZERO right to chop his hair themselves like that. I’d be ready to fight someone over this shit.

  • Lance Merlin 2 years ago

    They’re only bangs. Who cares? Why does the school have such a useless policy anyway? Some bureaucrat trying to justify their useless salary by creating activity just said, “Hey, I know. Let’s make a rule about bangs.” Then they spent money to pay that person, and to pay others to rewrite the school handbook to include the new rule.

  • Matthew K Davila 2 years ago

    I would love to send my children to highs school like that. Ignorant, nonproductive parents. Are they just gonna let it keep growing? Pull out your scissors and cut it yourselves! I never got a store bought haircut till i was 20.

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