Nebraska mom Sarah Brugger was at the Westroads Mall in Omaha when her five-day-old newborn got hungry.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the mom found a bench away from other customers and started to breastfeed her child.

That’s when she was approached by a security guard, she said:

 “I was fully covered with no skin showing and no one was nearby. A mall security guard came up to me and said, ‘There are nursing rooms available if you’d like to use them.’”

The security guard told Brugger that he wasn’t telling her to stop breastfeeding, but that some shoppers had complained. The mom said:

“He threw up his hands in defense and said, ‘I have no problem with it but we’ve had complaints, so I wanted to let you know,”

He didn’t tell Brugger to move, but she was angered nonetheless. She told Yahoo Lifestyle:

“Nothing like this had happened to me before and it blows my mind that breastfeeding is an issue in 2018… I was fired up so I wrote a post on the Facebook page of my local mom group and it blew up.”

Brugger posted a warning about the mall to her local mom group on Facebook, where it quickly picked up steam.

Sarah Brugger/Facebook

The mom told WYFF4 that she was embarrassed by the incident and that new moms have enough to deal with:

“Its stressful enough as a new mom and new baby when other people make added stress it’s really uncomfortable.”

Westraods Mall Senior General Manager Jim Sadler said he was devastated that the incident occurred at the shopping establishment because “the mother has every right to feed her child.”

He told WYFF4:

“If somebody else has a problem with it, then that’s on them.”

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), women are allowed to publicly breastfeed in all 50 states, but mothers aren’t exempt from public indecency laws in Nebraska.

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49 Replies to “Mom Says She’s Furious After Mall Security Guard Stopped Her During Breastfeeding and Cited ‘Complaints’”

  • Mikki 2 years ago

    Nursing stations available, but this mother prefers to sit in the mall. Go figure. She has no reason to complain.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      They are exhibitionists.

      • Duane 2 years ago

        You’re an idiot.

        • Anonymous 2 years ago

          The bigger question is who takes a five day old infant to the mall??? Their immune systems are not strong and exposing them to a heavily populated area at this point in their lives is not smart. I truly question this mother.

          • Sharon 2 years ago

            My thoughts exactly if a nursing room was available she should use it. News flash, no one wants to see this.

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        He did not day to take the baby to the bathroom. He said that there was a nursing room. I would think that she would not want to nurse the baby where everyone would be watching.

    • Duane 2 years ago

      So you need to go to a special room and hide just to be able to feed your child? Damn I hope you never have children.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      the ‘nursing station’ was in the bathroom, would you like to eat your lunch in the bathroom?

  • Christine Margo 2 years ago

    I do not know why the hell you could not express your milk at home, fill up a bottle or two and feed your baby when needed with a baby bottle
    That is what I did and that’s what any smart mother would do. Laws are laws and we must abide.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      They are exhibitionists also.

    • Duane 2 years ago

      She had the milk in the safest container there is. Also no need to re-warm unless you think you baby prefers its food cold. You don’t abide bad laws, you challenge them. Your kind of reasoning is why women wind up in Burkas.

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        I agree completely! Thank you! Well Said!

      • Jamie 2 years ago

        Duane exactly! Well said! None of my kids ever used a bottle. They went from the breast to a sippy cup.

    • William Keen 2 years ago

      So, CHristine Margo, just what LAW did she violate? If you are ashamed to feed your child in public it doesn’t mean that others CAN’T!

      There is no bottle that will replace the bonding that occurs with a nursing infant. That must be at least a part of your problem. You WERE bottle fed.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Why would she have a five day old baby at the mall?

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      What laws are you referring to?

    • patti mulligan 2 years ago

      Maybe because the baby was 5 days old

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Some infants won’t take a bottle.

    • None of your crispy buscuits 2 years ago

      You are a idiot. You express milk by demand. Your body is your baby’s food source, if anyone doesn’t like how nature created the human body go live in a convent.

    • neli 2 years ago

      what law?

    • Amber 2 years ago

      You are right the law is the law and what this security guard did was actually against the law

    • El 2 years ago

      Maybe Christine due to some babies not being able to take the freaking bottle!!! I could never pump in bottle!! My girls both allergic to every nipple and bottle I would buy. My second daughter would get such swelling she would constantly get epishots and I would need to take her to the er. I breastfed her in public discreetly due to weirdos and dirty minded ppl like many. God gave me my breast to feed my children that’s how we are made. The breast it’s our feeding tool to the babies and for you to say pump the milk why? Because it makes you feel uncomfortable what a mother is doing which is the most natural thing on earth you gotta tell her to pump the milk or others telling her to go hide in the bathroom or some room to feed her baby? Where is the world coming to. You people are so disgusting to take something so pure and natural to make it so nasty and dirty! Breastfeeding is not wrong you all are!!

  • Connie 2 years ago

    Christine, you are complicating a simple “issue”. She fed her baby the easiest, most practical way.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    They are exhibitionists also.

  • Casey James 2 years ago

    It is SO sad that this mom was SO offended.
    I find SOME women are More interested in stirring “the Pot”.
    What was wrong with going to the designated
    Area? SHE wanted the attention!
    IF, she had been as discrete as she says…. NO one would have noticed her!
    I feel sorry for her,!

    • Duane 2 years ago

      I feel sorry for you if you think that all she wanted was attention.
      You have the mentality of someone in the 17th century or perhaps a Muslim.
      The fact that someone noticed her does not translate into she was not being discrete it just means some busy body prude was sticking their nose where it didn’t belong.

      • El 2 years ago

        10thumbs up Duane!!!
        There are 2 laws in the state of Nebraska that protect breastfeeding. I know and I live here.
        197 specifies that a mother can breastfeed her child in “any public” or “private” location where the mother is authorized to be. I did both and no one ever told me anything besides this perv looking at me once even when I had covered my self so 2 ladies stood up and told him to take off or they would have it with him. Then they told him how dare he was starring and wouldn’t allow me to feed my baby by disgustingly making me feel uncomfortable because he was only trying to peek at my breasts… again his mind was so dirty… he was thinking boobs not feeding breasts. I thank those 2 ladies to this day for standing up for me as I was a young mom to first child and was shy and didn’t say anything to that jerk. And yes ppl are so nosy and stick their noses where it don’t belong. I had that happened to me many times. Once cause I was trying to discipline my 4year old daughter in public and wouldn’t buy her a toy she threw a fit… well some lady called the cops on me and when the cops came before I even walked to the car with groceries etc. police spoke to my 4year old and me and also checked her for bruises and didn’t see any they turned and told me “ you didn’t spank her butt hard enough… next time do it harder” I’m not saying that they were right but I would say that they saw that i didn’t abuse my child but some nosy witch had to stick her nose where it didn’t belong!! Many ppl focus on other ppl lives and issues because they try to take the focus off from theirs! Thumbs up to all the ppl who are standing up for this breastfeeding mother (Sarah) and to all the breastfeeding mothers.
        I can’t stress it or comment enough but truly I’m upset when I saw this story. I was browsing due to going to Westroads last night to pick up my 16year old from work and the security guard approached me and insulted me on a different matter while having with me my 12year old daughter and waiting for shakes I had just purchased for us! He wasn’t polite or nice but rude and humiliated me. Then my daughter told me that this guard hits on young ladies at the mall. And then ppl are gonna complain about breastfeeding moms and other ppl who are doing their own thing and are not bothering anyone? It starts with the Westroads management and the ppl that they hire. They should be ashamed and go hide in a room themshelves to eat and drink.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Ur so right . Get over it snowflake

    • William Keen 2 years ago

      Casey James, WHERE is the so-called ‘Designated Spot”? The security guard SAID that there was one so customers to the mall should have seen any signs that were posted.

      The “Mall Cop” should have just told her where the nearest one was which would have prevented any bad feelings. The Mall Manager didn’t even mention that they were available.

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        Why are you demeaning the “Mall Cop”? He did tell her that there were nursing stations, no?

    • El 2 years ago

      And we all feel sorry for you!!!! Mind your own bussiness. Maybe because no one is paying attention to you… you gotta attack this poor mother that is trying to stand up for her self and her own child?! You have no room to speak here.
      She has every right to do what’s right for her self and her baby. You are not God. Keep your opinions to your self. Go and stir the pot in your own family and with your own children if you even have any.

    • El 2 years ago

      Casey not we all feel sorry for you because it’s so unbelievably gross that you would even comment that she was “stirring the pot” by standing up for herself and her baby but you should be very ashamed for what you wrote. I will defend others when I see wrong is done and in this case you are wrong and Sarah has every right to do what she did.

  • Mark Dagg 2 years ago

    even if people did notice her, she said there was NO skin exposed and that she was covered in a feeding wrap, the guard was probably the only one that noticed and was probably hoping she would drop the wrap and he would get a cheap thrill !

  • Dawn 2 years ago

    Read some of the comments above. She was completely covered, no breast exposed, so for those of you calling her an exhibitionist, what was she exhibiting? Or maybe you were just trying out a new sesquipedalian word, and if so, here’s the definition so you can use it properly next time: “a person who behaves in an extravagant way in order to attract attention.”

  • David 2 years ago

    This woman is the one that blew this out of proportions. He was being polite, doing his job, did NOT tell her to move or use the nursing rooms. He just informed her the rooms were available and there had been complaints. She sounds like she just wants her 15 minutes of fame on the internet.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      No malice from my part but I gotta tell it to you as they are. Maybe you are defending him because you know him or because you are a sovinist like him and the person who complained!! You are so ignorant and you sound very prejudiced against her and women basically. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in this world. Not only it’s the bond the mother and her child share but hey babies gotta eat too!! I’m sure your mama gave you boob milk too or maybe she didn’t that’s why you turned out the way you did and you attacking the poor woman.

      • Vera 2 years ago

        My message goes out to David and all those other weirdos posting unkind message to Sarah.
        Thanks for reading.

  • R Cambra 2 years ago

    Hello , To ALL you IGNORANT Americans – Do not ever go to Europe especially the UK , Scandinavia , Africa , South America , Australia , New Zealand , or Russia – ALL Women Breast feed AND they flop out their Breasts IN PUBLIC and it is NOT considered FLASHING , Voyeuristic or X Rated ! NO ONE makes a BIG DEAL about it – Babies have got to EAT !

    • Betty W Hill 2 years ago

      Ewwwweeeeee. Reminds me of a poem when I was a kid. There’s a place in France where the women wear no pants and the men go round with their ding dongs hanging down.

  • Melanie 2 years ago

    I find it so bazaar even having this conversation. Breastfeeding is a natural healthy thing and why some people are so uptight about it I don’t understand. Some women prefer a more private setting while some are okay to breastfeed in public. It is how you individually feel about it. Some use the pump and prefer to bottle feed out in public. The person who calls someone breast feeding an exhibitionist has some deep issues. Breastfeeding is to feed your baby and not for the purpose to attract attention.
    If you find yourself being uncomfortable then look away.

    • Vera 2 years ago

      You are absolutely right Melanie!!!
      I breastfed my child covering up and I was very shy to do it in public do to weird and closed minded people like this. But then my friend always breastfed her children uncovered and in public. We have the right to do either. I’m sure those people that complain and bitch, breastfed from their mom’s boobs or maybe it was bottled up and their mothers kept them home until they stopped feeding?! Lol Sick sick world!! So wrong for people to be this way now at days. When we get hungry we eat nonaggression the place or the time but we gotta take that away from a baby? It’s not healthy to stop a mother while she is breastfeeding. Security guard shouldn’t even interrupted her while she was feeding her baby. I was never able to breastfed when I was upset or emotional. Babies always sense that there’s something wrong with the mom and others but mostly with their mother. They feel it. Breastfeeding is so beautiful and pure.
      Thanks for reading my comments.

      • Vera 2 years ago

        No matter the place I meant* I apologize for my typos.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Hahhaaa!!!! 2019 and still bitching about boobies. Get over it before I titty slap you.

  • Renee Platero 2 years ago

    This is unbelievable! The wraps that are used these days show nothing! She said she didn’t know about the rooms and went to an out of the way area. How could you call her an exhibitionist??

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    To all that are complaining about mothers breastfeeding there babies in public really needs to get over it. Wake up people it’s been happening since the beginning of the world!

  • Brenda Stuckwisch 2 years ago

    Keep it at home or put it on a bottle.

    • Vera 2 years ago

      So we gotta stay prisoners at home until the babies come of age and they don’t need more breastfeeding?! What the heck is wrong with you??! You stay at home and bottle your own stuff!! Mind your own bussiness!!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I feel if your are not parent don’t say a f****** word to people about breastfeeding until you’ve been there and then her mom until then grow the f****** there’s people on key National TV teenagers getting pregnant everything like that teenagers kids under the age of 18 are you kidding me and you’re worried about breastfeeding what is wrong with people

  • El 2 years ago

    Absolutely to all the ignorant people who don’t understand that breastfeeding is the most natural and pure thing between a mother and her baby.
    I am not saying you gonna shake your boob all over there for all the dirty minded men and or women to comment as they were doing at the mall and now others with their comments. She was discreetly breastfeeding her baby!! I have done this with both of my daughters and yes I tried pumping to the bottle but my daughters were allergic to every bottle I had tried and everything possible so I had to use my breast and that’s what my doctors and my kids pediatrician told me to do as well I don’t have to justify or explain my self to you or anyone and so did that poor breastfeeding mother who most were so quickly to judge however I ll say these things so maybe somehow a little bit of your ignorance stops. I really don’t believe it will. I went to the car some days or stayed home most days but I am a human being and so were my babies and the same way I ate my babies had to eat too!!!!
    And whoever is saying ignorant things like you are saying is because your mind can only be thinking dirty!! There’s no reason for you to be affended or affected on what someone else is doing. Mind your own business!!! Look elsewhere if you don’t like what you see. You go out in a public place you will see a lot of things you don’t like, don’t look it if you don’t like or approve. You should go to Greece/Europe where they breastfeed everywhere, and have many nude beaches as well and kids are allowed in clubs and bars, alcohol is not banned etc. maybe that’s why here in the USA kids get pregnant at 12-15 years old and do so much drugs and pop the alcohol and pills.The only reason anyone can be affended is cause his or her mind is not in it’s right place but is very dirty about something that it’s so pure and innocent! At the time when a mother is feeding her baby the breast becomes the baby’s feeding tool it’s the baby’s food and “NOT” some nasty boob that the guard and the other mall ppl were bothered by. I would never had went to the bathroom to feed my kids. I covered my self with a thin sheet or blanket however there are always dirty/nasty minded people in this world that won’t mind their own bussiness and can’t stop looking and thinking nasty and dirty. Nudity in public is illegal! Breastfeeding anywhere is not illegal. Not sure if any of you heard of that case where this lady was kicked out of a coffee shop because another customer got affended and asked the cafe manager to kick this mom out of the shop who was breastfeeding her newborn… to make story short the breastfeeding mom ended up suing and she won the case!! Good for her.
    Shame on the people who told the mall security guard and all of you for commenting such awful things.
    Don’t be embarrassed to feed your babies and if someone confronts you about it well they can’t do much anyway. I never heard of any law like that so maybe you should ask an attorney as I have.
    Thanks for reading and God Bless.

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