Constance Hall is a well-known blogger, author, and designer with over 1.3 million followers of Facebook. She is best known for her ruthless honesty and uncanny ability to share her heart publicly.

Most recently, Hall took to Facebook to share a story from when she and her husband, Denim, welcomed their son into the world.

According to the mom, she gave birth in a hospital that didn’t allow men to stay the night despite being the fathers of children born in their establishment. Hall wrote:

Denim was kicked out of the hospital the night I had our son, they said men can’t stay, it’s disruptive. I was alone, in pain and on strong pain relief. It was a long night, soothed by the modern day warriors who disguise themselves as midwives.

They told my husband he could return at 7am.

And return her husband did.

Denim was kicked out of the hospital the night I had our son, they said men can’t stay, it’s disruptive. I was alone,…

Posted by Constance Hall on Thursday, 19 September 2019

As Hall continued, her husband was in the elevator to her and their child’s hospital room by 6:59 a.m.:

At 6.59 my phone was ringing. “I’m in the elevator.” When he walked through the door I said, “Isn’t he beautiful” and Denim replied, “Why do you think I’m here, I watched my clock all night.”

And I watched this man, these eyes, that had gazed upon my body for many hours, watching it change, grow, I watched the lines around his eyes deepen as he smiled at the belly that housed his son.

I watched those eyes turn their attention to our baby, I watched that man smell our son’s tiny body who hours before was still a part of mine. And I learnt what true connection felt like.

Hall said that small gesture, of coming back to their room the second he was given access, is something she will never forget:

He could have slept in, he should have gone to get a coffee, he would have at least had some toast or made some calls. If he was anyone else.

But they kicked my husband out of the hospital the night I had our son, they said man can’t stay, it’s disruptive. And he came back, straight back to me. He will never understand what that tiny gesture meant to me and that’s ok, because I will never forget it.

Thousands of people have responded to Hall’s post, and some even went through a similar experience.

Posted by Constance Hall on Wednesday, 13 March 2019

And a few moms even said that they wanted so badly to be a family on their first night that they left the hospital just hours after giving birth.

What was your birth experience like?

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7 Replies to “Mom Writes Public Letter to Husband After Hospital Told Him He Couldn’t Stay the Night After She Gave Birth”

  • Colleen malone 1 year ago

    This is not family friendly. Both births father was there afterward. Had subs sohecouldnt stay the night.

  • Eleanore Bradshaw 1 year ago

    My husband got 2 stay with me and even got 2 c the nurses clean her up. They even let my parents stay, but that’s the difference between hospitals 2day. My child was born in the 70’s when doctors made u stay in the hospital 4 a week after birth.

  • Mike 1 year ago

    Leaves d never go back change hospital,

  • Donna Hill 1 year ago

    It’s surprising in this day and age. Did you have another patient in the room? Advice to others, always check out things where you’re going to deliver. Plenty of family-friendly birthing centers.

  • Diana 1 year ago

    My husband got to be with me the whole time from c- section birth to the 3 days in the hospital.

  • Mary-Louise 1 year ago

    This is lovely. For my 3 experiences in 1970,1971,1974, my husband went home at night. He was in the delivery room for all three. When I am under the weather, sick or in pain, I usually like to be alone, no matter how close I am to the person so I can’t relate, but his gesture of being there as soon as he could is certainly a memorable gift.

  • Candy V Franco 1 year ago

    I was 16, married (my chaperone 6 years older )and in labor. They didn’t allow husbands /
    fathers to stay in hospital..(1966). They sent him home, i had no phone, clothes, or money when they said i was not going to have my baby, and tried sending me home, as they claimed was false labor. They pushed my bed into a linen closet and towels and sheets fell on top of me. I was 16, scared, alone and giving birth. Had it not been for a cleaning lady that found me n the linen closet, i would have given birth by my self in that closet….

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