Last Monday, a Georgia woman was at her doctor’s office when she noticed two children across the street at Childcare Network Daycare.

The toddlers were inside the center’s fence, but teachers had left them unattended for the 10 to 15 minutes she was watching. One little girl was crying during that time.

That’s when the woman pulled out her camera and posted what she saw to Facebook. She said in the clip:

“They’ve left this baby sitting right here by this door. And this one is over here playing with some pipes against the wall.”

The children’s caretakers were outside with the children but standing too far away to be able to monitor what the two toddlers were doing. The woman behind the camera said:

“They’re just down here by themselves. I could easily jump the fence if I wanted to and be off with them.”

Lacinda Smiley is the mother of the little girl seen crying in the clip, 1-year-old Zoe. She was infuriated when she learned her daughter was left unattended.

The mother told WGCL:

“The teachers neglected my baby along with another child while they stood and had a conversation away from the kids. The people who get paid to watch my child — we pay good money for this — they weren’t doing their job.”

This is horrific!

Posted by Lavenders Jungle on Monday, October 1, 2018

Smiley said that the daycare center offered her $485 to sign a nondisclosure agreement about the incident but that she turned it down:

“To shut up — that’s what they want from me. They want us to be quiet, not say anything, and they give us the $485. That’s not how it works. This is my child; my child is priceless.”

According to WCGL, the daycare’s district manager confirmed that at least one daycare employee has been fired for failing to watch the children.

Regardless, the mother has since pulled her children out of the daycare.

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