For months, an Oklahoma mom entrusted her 1-year-old son’s health in the hands of a local daycare center.

Cassandra Roberts’ infant son, Wylie, was born with just half a heart, according to KFOR. His condition requires a small, careful dosage of medication, three times a day.

But when a substitute stepped in at the Mother Goose Daycare Center in Anadarko, something went terribly wrong.

Earlier in January, Roberts got a frantic call from her ex-husband that Wylie had been rushed to the emergency room— the daycare worker had caused him to overdose on the medication, WTVR reports

The infant was supposed to receive just one millimeter per dose. But he ended up receiving much more, Roberts said:

“I don’t know if she read the bottle wrong. I just don’t know what she was thinking… She took it upon herself and gave it to him when she was not supposed to. She gave him too much. She gave him three days worth of medication instead.”

The infant was brought to the intensive care unit where he had to stay for over a day before he could be released.

Debra Martin, a spokesperson for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, told KFOR the daycare immediately reported itself following the incident.

“The provider did the right thing. They contacted us, and they contacted the child’s grandparent.”

But Roberts said the incident was a real-life “nightmare” for her family, and she’s still worried that something similar could happen to another parent. She said:

“They just need to be more cautious and really read up on the children they’re getting because, if they don’t, another parent is going to experience this and it’s horrible.”

According to KSWO, the daycare worker responsible has since been fired from the facility. They said only certain workers were allowed to administer medication and that the substitute broke the rules.

Luckily, Wylie is expected to be okay.

Watch more about the story below:

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