Most people can say they’ve been distracted by social media within the past week, if not the past day. Tragically, one mom has learned the devastating reality of what can happen when we’re distracted for too long.

According to CBS DFW, 21-year-old Cheyenne Summer Stuckey put her six-month-old baby, Zayla Hernandez, in the tub for a bath.

Parker County Sheriff’s Office

The Texas mom told investigators that she left the room “for only a couple minutes,” and when she returned her baby was floating face down in the bath. She was reportedly uncertain if she had placed a bathtub stopper in the drain.

Stuckey alleged she had become distracted by a loud TV, another child, and Facebook messenger, but as soon as she realized she had forgotten about the baby she rushed back to the bathroom to check on her. That’s when she made the horrifying discovery.

Dallas News reports Stuckey attempted to resuscitate the baby but claimed she did not know how.

According to CBS DFW, first responders performed CRP and Zayla was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.


Although Stuckey allegedly admitted she had been sidetracked from returning to her baby’s bath, authorities discovered the extent of her distraction.

According to Dallas News, a sheriff’s investigation revealed Stuckey had been messaging two people on Facebook messenger for 18 minutes.

What may have felt like a couple of minutes for the Texas mom was much, much longer.

Dallas News reports Stuckey was arrested and charged with injury to a child, and her other children were removed from the home and placed in foster care. Bail has not been set.

A GoFundMe account set up to raise money funeral expenses states that family and friends are struggling to cope with the loss of “beautiful baby Zayla.”

In 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported that specialists in childhood injury noticed a “troubling shift” in device distraction and childhood injury. From 2007-2010, non-fatal injuries among children under five rose 12 percent.

In the same period, smartphone usage rose from six percent to 30 percent in the U.S.

As of January 2017, more than three-quarters of Americans now own a smartphone, reports the Pew Research Center.

It is unknown what kind of device Stuckey was using at the time of the incident.

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