Tennessee mom Asha Bentley said that her 6-month old daughter, Alayah, caught the flu after waiting in the doctor’s office — for a flu shot and other immunizations. She’s stabilized and since Sunday morning, seemed to be recovering well.

But only days before, Bentley told WTVC, the baby was fighting for her life in the NICU:

“It’s attacking very hard. It hurts very bad, I haven’t seen my baby smile in over a week and it’s killing me.”

Bently took her daughter to get a flu shot at her doctor’s office, and they spent a few hours waiting for their appointment.

As The Stir reports, Bently wrote on her Facebook account:

So I Took my [Alayah] to get her shots Tuesday and they checked her for flu and [RSV because] she had been exposed to it at the doctors office, both were negative. Took her back today bc she was struggling to breathe. They wasn’t going to re-test her but I asked them to please do it for my sanity [because] it looked like it was more than just her asthma. Sure enough, she was positive for the flu! Please pray for my little lady and her mom. This is going to be a lonngggg week for me! Wish I could have it instead of my baby.

According to WTVC, at first, baby Alayah had a cough and fever. But as time progressed, her symptoms worsened.

Bentley said:

“It’s just gotten worse her lungs are completely infected. She is straining and struggling to breathe.”

Bentley said that she took her daughter to the emergency room two times before Alayah was admitted to the hospital that weekend. They had thought it was her asthma. The mom shared the video below on Facebook (click the image to play):

The mom’s post continued:

They admitted her [because] she was struggling too hard to breathe and nothing was making it better. When I brought her through the door he immediately said she will be staying [because] he did not like the way she sounded nor looked. She was about blue in the face. They have her on oxygen, fluids, four different meds and it’s still no progress. She hasn’t eaten in 2 days now and won’t drink anything. She sleeps for 30 mins maybe (still struggling to breathe) and wakes up crying.

Bentley told WTVC:

“Right now it’s just hoping and praying.”

The flu has been very aggressive this year. Bentley offered this advice to parents who suspect that their children have the virus:

“If they feel like it’s something don’t let them turn you away, be persistent because if we weren’t persistent parents they would have walked us right back out the door again.”

The Stir suggested a couple of ways that parents can protect their kids while waiting in a doctor’s office: don’t allow them to play in the “communal play area,” and bring sanitizing wipes or face masks.

According to Reuters, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald said that 30 children died this flu season. She estimated that 85 percent of these children weren’t vaccinated.

Fitzgerald said:

“My message is, if you haven’t gotten a vaccine, please get a vaccine. Also, please get your children vaccinated.”

The Stir reports that people might think that the flu vaccine might not be worth getting, as it is only 30 percent effective this year. However, doctors, such as Dr. Dan Jernigan, the CDC’s director of the influenza division, advised that the vaccination can “reduce the severity and length of the flu.”

As for Alayah, the road ahead doesn’t seem easy, but she is making progress. Bentley told WTVC that the baby is still connected to machines, but doctors will start weaning her off of them soon.

Many parents can relate to what the mom wrote in another Facebook post:

I have never felt like this in my entire life! Just ready for my baby to get better and come home with me!

You can watch the WTVC report below.

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