Brandy Lancaster had one thing on her mind as she was racing down the road, driving between 90 and 100 mph to get her toddler to the hospital. But, even in her panic, she couldn’t help but notice something strange happening behind her.

Her 20-month-old son, who had been diagnosed with croup and strep throat, was chocking on his vomit after he hit his head.

That’s when the mom realized a stranger driving behind her was keeping up with her as she rocketed toward the hospital.

Lancaster explained who she was and why she was following so closely in a Facebook post:

The grateful mother wrote:

To the nurse that did NOT have to…

You didn’t know why there was a car speeding between 90-100 MPH down GA400 around 6:15pm tonight
You didn’t know why their hazard/flashers were on
You didn’t know what kind of emergency was happening when you chose to follow them
You didn’t know who they were

That speeding car was me, driving my 20 month old son to the ER.
That baby was diagnosed with croup and strep throat Saturday morning.
That baby was also at the ER Saturday night after hitting his head on a tile floor — I was carrying him when I slipped/fell on a restaurant floor.
That baby spent all Sunday at doctor offices bc his sister also has strep, I’m sick, & his Daddy is sick.
That baby had a fever this evening.
That baby puked all over himself, me, & the kitchen.
That baby puked again in the car on the way to the ER, causing him to begin choking.

Nurse, that baby needed you tonight & you pulled through for him, without knowing what the situation entailed. You followed us down GA400 and into the ER parking lot. You checked on my son, who was buckled in his car seat NOT responding. You rushed him inside the hospital and knew just what to say, to get him the help he needed.
Lord knows, his Mommy was a wreck & was not making much sense. You acted on your instinct when you definitely did NOT have to & for that myself and my entire family is FOREVER grateful! In the midst of everything going on, I never got your name nor do I recall expressing to you JUST how very thankful I am for everything you did and that you cared enough to help! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

The mom continued, explaining that she hoped to find out who her son’s angel was:

If anyone knows a nurse with a similar story that think they may know who she is, I’d really love to reach out to her directly and let her know how appreciative we are of her. The details are very vague:
– White female in dark navy-blue scrubs
– Traveling GA400 southbound between exit 15 & 14 around 6:15pm, Monday 01/29/18
– ER at Northside Forsyth – Cumming
– Driving a 4-door Black Camry (maybe 2010 or newer)
– She was wearing glasses
– Maybe around 25-35 yrs old (very pretty)

And it worked. Through the power of social media, she found out the woman’s name was Jenny Rivers, according to Liftable.

Rivers responded to Lancaster’s Facebook post, “I’m excited to see you both in a better state of health!!!”

Praise poured in for the stranger who came to the mom’s rescue:

Rivers’ mother commented that her daughter “wasn’t supposed to work that night,” so normally wouldn’t have been where she was:

But for Brandy Lancaster and her son, the nurse was in the exact spot they needed her to be.

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