A kids’ bounce house meant for fun turned into an Oklahoma mother’s nightmare when she heard her 5-year-old son call out for help.

As KFOR reports, while Shali Lambert and her son Bentley were at a local restaurant called Incredible Pizza, Bentley was playing in the inflatable playhouse called “The Wrecking Ball.”

Lambert said that Bentley suddenly cried out for his mother:

“He was screaming ‘I’m stuck.'”

The mom found her son dangling from an exposed hook that had pierced his arm.

The hook came from a padded wrecking ball that was swinging in the middle of the restaurant’s bounce house. It trapped her son when he couldn’t get the hook to come out of his skin. His frightened mother explained:

“I just remember picking him up and I had to unhook the clip and slide it out of his arm.”

Bentley’s skin was hanging from the hook after his mother removed it, leaving the boy covered in blood and with a gaping wound that was 3 inches deep.

His mother described her son’s fear:

“He was asking if he was going to die. He saw all the blood in his arm, and so he was asking if he was going to die.”

Bentley was rushed to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery on his left arm.

The 5-year-old boy’s grandmother, Cheryl Lambert, is still shocked a child’s play area caused her grandson’s severe injury:

“It’s really difficult to think something like this could happen.”

The parents are still waiting to find out if the restaurant will help them cover the costs of their son’s medical bills.

For its part, Incredible Pizza told KFOR:

Our insurance company is investigating this attraction. Our insurance company is communicating with the family. As soon as we have a conclusion, we will reach out to you.

Bentley is still not done healing or being treated for the injury. He has to go to physical therapy and may require more surgery.

Watch the mother warn parents to use caution when their children play in inflatable houses:

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