An Australian mom has ignited a heated debate on social media by declaring she refuses to let her husband bathe their two daughters.

As the Daily Mail reports, in a post on Facebook, the Queensland mother wrote that she doesn’t let her husband give the young girls baths because they have different “parts,” though it was acceptable for him to bathe their son. The unnamed mother expressed her belief girls should be bathed by their mothers and boys by their fathers:

So hubby is upset with me because I have told him that I don’t (want him to) wash our two daughters in the bath or shower I just don’t feel comfortable for a man to do this… I have said I don’t have any issues with him bathing our son as well he’s a boy. I just believe that girls should be getting washed by their mothers and boys get the same from their fathers. It’s just got to do with the fact that mum and daughters have the same parts, same goes for men and their sons.

The woman defended her position, claiming she didn’t want her daughters ever to have the notion that somehow bath time with their father had been inappropriate:

Hubby thinks I think ill of him but it has always been this way for me and with how ppl play the “I was molested card” so very often these days, I just don’t want in [any] way [to] give my kids the chance to even think about that.

According to the Daily Mail, commenters were quick to bash the mother for grouping her husband with those who take advantage of innocent children.

As one commenter reportedly wrote: “You have more than a few screws loose, you shouldn’t even be thinking like that putting your partner in the same category as a child sex predator.”

Another said: “Talk about placing stigma where stigma is not warranted.”

One commenter said the mother was “sexualizing bath time” and asked: “What about single parents? Should they not bath (sic) their son or daughters in case they molested them?”

“This post says a lot about how you see yourself and your negative way of life” one commenter reportedly wrote, adding: “Sad how you tell your husband not to bathe his own kids.”

Australian “Today Show” co-hosts Deborah Knight and Steve Leibmann sounded off on the Aussie mom’s controversial opinion. Watch below:

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