A 14-year-old girl who had been “drooling” and “slobbering” for two days was brought to a Milwaukee hospital, where it was discovered that she was suffering from an infection.

As WISN reports, Amina Krouser was taken by ambulance from a filthy, feces-filled home on December 3 and suffered from Lenierre’s Syndrome.

The rare type of bacterial infection, according to Healthline, can spread to the vessels that carry lymph fluid throughout the body. At first, her family said the teen had a sore throat. The infection then spread to Krouser’s brain, making emergency brain surgery her only hope.

But her mother, Aziyza Ababneh, refused to let doctors operate in her daughter. When they informed her the teen needed the surgery to live, Ababneh allegedly told them, “I’ve already lost her.”

Sadly, Krouser died from the infection one week after being brought to the hospital on Dec. 10. The medical examiner’s report stated the cause of death as medical neglect over untreated Lenierre’s Syndrome.

The teen’s siblings said their sister had been ill since late November, according to the charging document. She continued to worsen, until eventually, Krouser had trouble walking and responding, and began urinating in her bed.

But bruises on her legs, hip, and both arms tipped off authorities that an infection wasn’t the 14-year-old’s only issue, WISN reports.

The girl’s siblings said Ababneh put her daughter through viscous beatings out of frustration when the teen became sick.

The complaint said their mother beat her daughter with a paddle and belts. She also used a “face blade,” which they described as a PVC pipe with duct tape wrapped around one end.

According to WISN, it’s likely no one was aware of the girl’s abuse because “the girl and her siblings had no contact with the outside world.” The mom homeschooled the children and was their only caretaker.

An officer investigating the case found a strong stench of cat urine and human feces in the home, and there wasn’t any running water, heat, or electricity. The kids used a five-gallon plastic bucket as a “compost toilet.”

The kids survived by using a hot plate or votive candles to cook rice or noodles, but mainly used baby food to live off of.

The 14-year-old’s death was listed as a homicide and her mother was charged with neglecting a child causing death. She was also charged with four counts of child neglect and one count of child abuse.

If convicted, the mother could face 20 years in prison and $55,000 in fines.

Krouser’s father, who lives in Texas, told WISN he hadn’t seen his children in 10 years. He said his ex-wife, who was a military veteran, could have gotten medical care for the kids.

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