On the one-month anniversary of her marriage to her husband, Kyle, Chelsey Brown spent the evening watching their son play T-ball.

According to a Facebook post written by Chelsey, she was sitting on the bleachers when she used the side fence to help her jump up and off the stands.

That’s when her wedding ring caused her more pain than she could ever imagine. She wrote:

My wedding ring got caught and tore [my finger] off. Literally, it was hanging on the bleacher post.

Chelsey continued by saying her husband quickly rushed her to the hospital where she was eventually air lifted to a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, to see a hand specialist.

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Sadly, there was nothing the doctors could do. She explained:

The way it tore off they were unable to reattach it and had to amputate the rest of it. This was the most painful experience I have ever had.

What’s worse is that not only did Chelsey lose her finger, but she completely detached the tendon that runs from her elbow to her ring finger.

However, regardless of the fact that she lost her finger, Chelsey said she couldn’t be more grateful for the way those she loves the most has helped her in this process.

She admitted that her “perfect, loving, bomb a**” husband and their son have been her rock through all of it and it’s helped her keep her spirits up, despite her traumatizing experience:

I keep making jokes about 10% off manicures and things like that. This all seems so crazy, but I guess it could be worse? I keep saying that, but I’m pretty sure this may have been the worst outcome to what happened.

Chelsey’s accident actually has a name. According to OrthoBullets, “ring avulsion” is the sudden pull on a finger ring that results in severe soft tissue injury ranging from circumferential soft tissue laceration to complete amputation.

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The same thing happened to “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon in 2015 when his ring finger got caught on his kitchen counter. However, unlike Chelsey, surgeons were able to save and reattach his ring finger.

Luckily, as Chelsey tells Dearly, she is “healing well,” adding that the phantom pain was the worst part.

She explained:

“At first, the phantom pain was definitely the worst after the initial accident, but that has subsided quite a bit. Now I think just adjusting to not having it there and learning to use my hand with out it is the next step. I’m completely off pain medication of any sort now and back to work as a bank teller.

My husband and son have definitely been my biggest support and backbone in all of this. I am just grateful for them and thankful for the life I live.”

As Chelsey revealed, doctors suggested that she endure another surgery that would “close the gap some” in order to “make [her hand] more ‘normal’ looking.”

She admitted that is a bridge she will cross after living with her injury for a few more months.

And while some things as simple as grasping and counting change and making a fist are a bit more difficult for Chelsey now, she told Dearly that she finds comfort in her belief that everything happens for a reason.

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