A New York mother was slammed this week after she posted what she thought was a sweet video of her twin boys to Instagram.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Ashlee Muhammad filmed the clip when she was dropping her identical twin boys, Jetson Pharaoh and Nova Maximus, off at daycare.

As she’s about to leave, the boys give each other a peck on the lips, prompting the mom to call them “so sweet.” She then asks if they’re going to be “caring friends.”

The mom shared the video with her over 20,000 followers, along with the caption, “All You NEED Is LOVE.” But it wasn’t long before she started getting backlash for the short clip.


Some Instagram users were quick to call the toddlers’ kisses “inappropriate.” Others called out the mom for “sexualizing” her little boys.

Some commenters wrote:

I mean come on it’s common sense you don’t have two boys kissing each other on the lip, they could huge (sic) each other but kiss each other on the lips that’s gay.

I hope you know that’s how homosexuality starts.

Sick mom.

They are brothers and its (sic) basically incest.

You don’t let your kids do that.

Others were quick to jump to the mom’s defense and point out that it was just a harmless kiss between siblings. Many Instagram users slammed a number of homophobic comments on the video as well.

Following all the backlash, Muhammad posted a message on Instagram addressing the controversy.

She said that she was surprised by all the criticism— then turned one of the barbs back on those who called out her parenting:


She wrote:

I would have NEVER in a million years thought that something posted out of pure love and admiration for my children would have turned into all of this. My parenting has NEVER been attacked so harshly in MY LIFE. I don’t expect everyone to think what I believe is right but I also don’t take kindly to disrespect.

One thing I will ask to all you perverts PLEASE PLEASE stop sexualizing CHILDREN especially BABIES. If this has taught me anything it’s that the world is a more damaged and scary place than I though.

Muhammad closed by thanking those who defended her and has continued to post videos of her children on their separate Instagram page.

But in the future, it seems she’ll be a little more careful with what she choses to share. Watch the video here.

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