Virginia mom Clarice Conner was horrified when she saw a video of her 7-year-old son being severely bullied on a school bus recently.

The four minute clip, which appears to have been filmed on a cell phone camera, shows first grader Gabriel attempting to hide his face as other children tease and provoke him.

At several points, he tries to get the other students to stop filming him as one shouts “post it on Instagram.” Meanwhile, his sister sits helplessly in the seat next to him.

It was extremely difficult for Conner to watch — which is exactly why she said she decided to post it to Facebook, WTRV reports.

In a lengthy Facebook post, the mother wrote that she was horrified by the children’s actions in the video and wants others to see it so that something similar doesn’t happen again.

She wrote:

This is my son. He is only 7…. S*** like this is why kids kill themselves or try or run away from home. Because their parents, YA’LL M**** F****** send your children out here to behave as such. When is it gonna stop? When are parents going to help children understand that BULLYING is not ok?

The video quickly went viral online, and Conner soon found herself under fire for posting a video showing other people’s children online and asking for them to be identified, according to WRIC.

She wrote in her Facebook post:

Idc if these are your children, nieces, nephews, best friends kids, idgas. I will not let my kids fall victim to bullying. And you can tag or share this with whoever knows these kids.

Nonetheless, Superintendent Angela B. Wilson said in a statement that the bullying incident is currently under investigation. She wrote:

On April 15th, a disturbing video was shared on social media of a student being bullied. The safety and well-being of all Greensville County Public Schools students is our highest priority. Bullying of any kind is not tolerated in our schools or on our school buses. The behaviors demonstrated in this incident are disturbing, and are being addressed promptly according to the Student Code of Conduct and school division policy. We share the concerns of our community about this situation and will be exploring more ways to clearly communicate to our students and families how to prevent this kind of incident from occurring in the future.

Because the investigation is still in progress, it’s unclear if the children in the video faced any disciplinary action.

But Connor hopes that the disturbing video will help her son get some kind of justice.

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