When Kansas mom Aimee Johnson moved to the small town of Louisburg with her family, she didn’t expect her young daughter to become the target of bullies at her new school.

According to Fox4kc, the vicious bullying first started on December 13 when a boy started to pick on her 9-year-old daughter during their bus ride.

Soon enough, other boys started to notice the teasing and joined in.

And the attacks just escalated from there as the months went on. Johnson wrote on Facebook:

This is NOT ok! My daughter has been bullied on the bus since we moved to Louisburg, continuously by the same 3 little boys… This time her water bottle was taken from her and they hit her upside the head with it! Called her “ugly” and “dumb.”

Johnson posted several photos of her daughter in tears to Facebook after she said the little girl’s Louisburg school failed to do anything about the escalating bullying.

Aimee Johnson/Facebook

The furious mom wrote on Facebook:

The first two times I was told that the cameras were pulled and the act was seen by the bus department and the principal and that action by the principal would be taken… never was! I was told by the child who did this to her it wasn’t. This is the 3rd time! I contacted the bus department extremely angry, and told them that action WILL be taken this time!

They went on to tell me that it was the last time! Lies! I was told it wasn’t! My daughter does not deserve this at 9 years old by 4th and 5th grade boys! Teach your sons not to hit women! Done!

The heartbreaking photos were shared more than eight thousand times and received tons of comments offering support.

Many suggested the mom go to local police— and sure enough, they’re now getting involved.

Johnson wrote in an update to her Facebook post that the Lousiburg police are “doing everything they can” to help her child.

But many were left wondering why the school didn’t help the 9-year-old in the first place, especially considering the acts were caught on camera. Some Facebook users wrote:

You as her parent need to make a Police Report and take out a Protective Order than is the only way to make the school do something- been there.

Go to the police, school board, the news whatever it takes. I can’t stand this bullying that the school turns their heads on. Prayers for her.

This is outrageous!! Your beautiful little girl deserves justice! Go get ‘Em!!

Go directly to the school board and talk to a lawyer. Three times is too many.

Public Schools have gone to the dogs – we experienced similar situations – praying for you ALL! A bar of soap in a sock swings GOOD!

According to the Kansas City Star, the Louisburg school district superintendent has yet to respond to any of the recent fallout.

There is no word yet on how the police intend to deal with alleged bullies.

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