Katina Blanchett has two beautiful children, a loving husband, and a glowing smile, but she also has a dark past — one she refuses to let become a kept secret.

Just one look through the Alabama resident’s social media paints a clear picture of what she uses her life story for: To inspire others.

Katina was a drug addict for 13 years; her drug of choice was meth.

Earlier this month, the mom of two posted a before and after photo of herself showing just how bad her situation became before finding the strength to recover.

The picture on the left is of her four years ago in the midst of her addiction battle, while the photo on the right is of her now.

Katina Blanchett/Facebook

The stark contrast between the two images left people in awe of how far she’s come — but her progress is something she credits to the man upstairs. She wrote, in part:

WOW!! 4 years ago I was a walking dead girl.. Life was very dark and I saw no sign of light at the end of the tunnel. I was hopeless, broken, confused and hurt. I felt abandoned, I felt like I would never amount to anything. I wandered around without purpose!! But after many failed attempts to crawl out of the pit of addiction myself I finally called out to a God I didn’t even know was real! Seriously… I doubted if there was really a God. But this day 4 years ago He showed himself Strong and mighty to me. In the midst of my pain and brokeness he came to my rescue. HE cleaned me up, HE gave me another chance at life, HE gave me a purpose, HE is my saviour Jesus Christ. And without him I would be dead in my addiction today, but because of him I am alive to tell my story and to tell others their is life after Meth!!

Katina believes it was her faith that pulled her up out of rock bottom, and to this day she provides daily encouragement to her 1,400 followers to place their belief in God.

Her post continued:

13 years of Addiction was broken off of my life in an instant. He has restored me!! He has given me 2 beautiful children, a husband, a home. The clothes I’m wearing aren’t borrowed, the car I drive isn’t borrowed, the pillow I lay my head on is not borrowed. And that’s a big deal to me. I have relationships with my family, I have 2 awesome jobs that I love. And it is all because I called out to a God that loved me even when I didn’t love myself. He was faithful to me, when I wasn’t faithful to him. He is God almighty that sent his son Jesus to die for our sins that WE could live!! And I am so thankful for the blood of Jesus!! I am thankful to be FREE today!!!

Katina’s Facebook profile states she currently is the founder and director of an organization called Addicts 4 Christ, a faith-based group that holds church services and support. She is four years into her recovery and seems to have an unshakeable smile.

Now, her goal is to make sure she turns back around to help the next struggling addict succeed — and she has her newfound faith to guide her.

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