Billie Faiers posts a lot of pictures of her children on social media, so the British reality TV star is no stranger to fans commenting about what they see. For better or for worse.


Faiers recently shared a tender photo on Instagram of 3-year-old daughter, Nelly, and 8-month-old, son, Arthur, laying together side-by-side on the carpet.

The 27-year-old captioned the photo: “My little darlings .. ???”


While there is no doubt Faiers’s children are darling little angels, followers were very interested in the unnatural appearance of the siblings’ skin, in particular, their soft, almost cherubic glow.

As the Daily Mail reported, commenters questioned if Faiers had photoshopped her children’s faces, with some downright accusing the mother of trying to make them look perfect.


Although most of the comments have since been deleted, one fan reportedly observed it wasn’t the first time Faiers tried to improve her children’s appearances:

Why are they always blurry? Photoshopping your kids is pretty sad.

Another follower commented: “Are we air brushing babies now…?! Bit far maybe?!” Another wrote: “Filtering your kids is very sad,” referring to popular settings in social media apps allowing users to alter their appearance.


“So photoshopped,” wrote one follower. “She’s really airbrushed her kids!! ??” claimed another. One commenter called it “tragic”:

Imagine airbrushing your INFANT CHILDREN tragic af.

Following the upset, Faiers later admitted to the Daily Mail she had used a filter to airbrush her children’s skin in order to showcase their purity:

“I just took a photo and put a filter on it with the flash. It looked… pure, they’re babies they’re going to look pure anyway, but it was literally just a filter.”

She continued:

“It was such a nice photo that I wanted to share it and I got a lot more positives than negatives, but there were a few people that were commenting saying I’d edited it. It was a filter, in this day and age people use filters all the time.

Everyone’s got their own way of doing things. I think as mums we should all support each other — because everyone’s situations are different — and not be so judgmental.”

Fans of the famous mother of two agreed. One commenter wrote: “So people have never used a filter on their kids before??? Yeah right I bet you have even if it’s black and white… and some people’s phones automatically click the beauty button on the camera… people need to get a grip if that’s the only thing you look at really!! Just pure trolls. If you don’t like the photo then don’t comment. Her children are beautiful regardless!?”


One loyal follower suggested Faiers actually hadn’t altered the photo at all: “She is not airbrushing her children Troll ?.”

This isn’t the first time Faiers has faced backlash over photos of her children. Recently, followers lashed out when Faiers posted a picture of her kids at the grocery store wearing fur hats.


“Take those hats off those poor kids. Animals skinned alive for vanity and the kids have no choice,” one enraged commenter wrote.

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