An “embarrassed” mother of three took to the internet recently after her 6-year-old daughter warned her of a secret she’d been hiding.

According to the Independent, it started when the mother, who goes by Hannah B., spoke to her daughter after she returned from a visit with the father.

It didn’t take long before the mom realized her ex had been putting some controversial thoughts into the young girl’s head.

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She wrote on Netmums:

A few days ago she told me her and her dad had a secret but she wasn’t [allowed] to tell me. This scared me and eventually I got it out of her…

According to the Daily Mirror, the 6-year-old told her mom that they “don’t like people with black skin.”

Hannah said that the father decided to teach their daughter this after the little girl said she wanted to marry Stormzy, a hip hop artist.

The embarrassed mom quoted some of the things her daughter said the father told her:

She has said: “Dad told me all black people steal things, we don’t want to be their friends, we can’t love them.”

When she brought the comments up to him, he simply laughed it off. She claimed that he “just finds it funny,” even though she feels this will affect her daughter’s future.

Her other children also heard the father’s comments, but brushed it off. She wrote on Netmums:

My daughter on the other hand has taken in everything he has said to her and won’t listen when I tell her it’s wrong and try to explain why. I’m at a loss as to what to do now I don’t want her growing up racist and thinking these things.

She claimed the father made the racist comments because he is “too blinded by hate” for him to realize the effect on his child.

According to a 2012 study by Harvard, children can develop racial prejudices starting as young as age three, but won’t “cement” those prejudices until their teenage years.

That means Hannah may still have time to change her daughter’s mind — and that’s exactly what other users on Netmums suggested.

Some on the site recommended that she set up playdates with children of other races or read her books that teach acceptance. Others told her to reach out to her child’s school for help.

For now, all the mom said she can do is try to reverse the damage already done.

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