A mom is sharing her fascination with how her breastmilk reacts to her daughter’s health.

In a now viral Facebook post, Jody Danielle Fisher shared a photo of her breast milk that was pumped just a day apart.

The left bottle showed a white-milky color, while the right bottle has a bit of a blue hue to it.

Fisher wrote on Facebook that she believes the change of color is due to the fact that her breastfeeding, 1-year-old daughter received some of her vaccination in between the two pumps.

She explained:

Nancy had her 1 year injections on Tuesday afternoon, the “normal” colour milk is from the day before she had them, the “blue” colour milk is from today – 2 days after she had them. It’s blue from all the antibodies my body is producing as it thinks she’s sick with what she was vaccinated against! When she feeds her saliva sends signals to my body to produce more milk with illness specific antibodies!

This is one of the reasons I’m still breastfeeding 13 months on….you don’t get all this goodness and nutrients from formula or cows milk! Way to go boobies

Shortly after sharing the picture, Fisher’s post went viral.

The mom of four later added for clarification that she is in “no way shaming formula,” adding that she formula fed her first child, and combination fed her second and third:

I was merely showing what women’s bodies can do when their children are poorly and this is one of the reasons I’m still breastfeeding at 13 months as I’m often questioned as to why I’m still doing so.

Fisher continued, saying that her photo shows that “the vaccines are doing exactly what they are meant to do, and so is my [daughter’s] body and mine”:

[The] whole point of vaccinations is to introduce a very very weakened version of what virus/disease you want immunity over. Which causes your body to make antibodies and “heal” itself, which then in turn makes your body think you have already had said virus/disease so [you] won’t get a more deadly real version in the future when/if [you’re] exposed to it.

The mom then asked those who are using her photo for their own anti-vax campaign to stop.

“Don’t come on my post preaching about not having vaccinations and them [being] poisonous. I hope your child(ren) never becomes ill with anything serious or doesn’t pass it on to a poor baby waiting to have their [immunizations] because you don’t believe in vaccinations!”

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3 Replies to “Mom Shares Photo of Breastmilk and How It Changed After Daughter Received Her Vaccines to Show It’s Working”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    That light blue looking milk is what the milk looks like in the morning, it gets thicker and whiter through out the day.

    • Kristin 2 years ago

      Ummm… No. I am currently breastfeeding and have pumped many of mornings. My milk has NEVER been any color but milky white in the morning. Same color in the evening. It has changed color, yellowish, when she was sick but ONLY when she was sick.

  • Janice 2 years ago

    Also, I’ve known more than a few mom’s whose milk turned orange from carrots and squash or green from so many vegetables. Even so, I agree that the baby needs what mom’s milk gives.

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