A mom has a message for parents after going through a scary ordeal with her 6-month-old’s health — “trust your instincts!”

The concerned mom posted to Reddit‘s parenting forum on May 1 warning that her daughter could have become seriously ill if she didn’t follow her motherly instincts.

It started when she noticed her infant daughter “groaning” and “blinking very strange like her head was in pain.”

The mom rushed her baby to a pediatric hospital but said that her concerns were brushed off and that she was sent home. She explained:

When we got there they said she did have a fever of 102 and appeared congested. I told them I dont care about the congestion I’m very worried about her lethargy and her weird slow blinking she is doing. The nurse insisted she was just acting like that because of her fever. They suctioned her throat because she was drooling significantly and had some mucus, gave her tylenol and told me she must have [a respitory infection]. I told them shes already had [a respitory infection] months ago but they insisted and they sent us home.

The following day, the mom kept reassuring herself it was “normal for a viral infection” even though her daughter’s fever was spiking.

But on Easter Sunday, she said her daughter “took a turn for the worse.” The baby “stopped wanting to move” and wasn’t urinating frequently.

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That’s when the mom decided to rush her to the emergency room. Once there, a nurse felt that the baby’s problem was due to dehydration. The mom wrote:

I told her absolutely not and asked her to please just humor me and check her blood.

Sure enough, her daughter’s blood test showed that her illness was more serious than doctors previously thought. She said:

They blood test came back showing a WBC count of 31,000 and her inflammation markers were high. The doctor said it was highly unlikely to be caused by a virus and she most likely had a bacterial infection so we would be admitted.

Her daughter was diagnosed with a retropharyngeal abscess, which the mom described as a “pocket of infection between her airway and her spine.”

Parents, trust your instincts! from r/Parenting

After going through the stressful situation, the mom had some advice for other parents. She wrote in the post:

Parents please please trust your instincts! You know your kid better than anyone. Dont let someone tell you something is fine when you know it’s not. I’m kicking myself for not standing up for her Friday. If you feel something is off, fight for what you think is right. It doesnt matter if you come off as a pushy parent, your child is way more important.

She concluded that “after this nightmare experience, my attitude has changed.”

In an update, the mom said her daughter is on the road to healing, Parents reports. And hopefully, her difficult experience will help guide another parent in the future.

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