Tennessee mom Kandis Leake dropped off her 7-year-old daughter at daycare as usual on Monday.

The little girl, Kaydence Holloway, went to New Sardis Baptist Church’s daycare in the mornings before being taken to school on a daycare bus.

But on Monday, she fell asleep on the way, according to News Channel 3.

The bus driver allegedly didn’t see Holloway, so she was driven back to the daycare and left inside the locked bus in the parking lot.

She remained there for up to six hours.

Leake told the outlet that she went into a “panic state” when her daughter never came home from school.

The 7-year-old girl was allegedly found by another driver at the daycare. Thankfully, she was unharmed.

But Leake said that she knows the situation could have been much worse if this happened on a hot day:

“Like I had a sleepless night last night, because it could have been worse.”

The mother claims that the little girl got out of the bus by opening a window and jumping out.

Pastor Harrington said this is the first time something like this happened at the church daycare since they started running it 20 years ago. He told WREG:

“We’ve been alive and doing well in our child care center. This is the first type of occurrence of this nature.”

In July, an Oklahoma 4-year-old was similarly left on her daycare bus when the instructors failed to do a head count, Dearly reported. Her father said he could have had to make “funeral arrangements” if she was left longer.

The mom, in this case, has pulled her child out of the daycare and filed a police report.

It’s unclear if the mother was contacted when her daughter didn’t arrive at school.

Watch the video below:

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