A South Carolina mother is calling for Laurens Middle School to change their dress code after she was forced to bring her son home from school on Monday.

Lori Orr said she received a call from the school asking to either pick up 11-year-old Ethan Orr or bring in new jeans because of a frayed spot in his pants that could become a hole.

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That’s when Orr became furious — she lives “paycheck to paycheck” and can’t afford to buy her son new clothes at the moment, reports WCMH.

Lori said unfortunately for now, Ethan has to wear lightly worn clothes and some have little holes. The mom took to Facebook to vent her frustrations.

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Lori told WCNC she’s aware that her son’s wardrobe shows signs of wear, given it’s a source of bullying for the 11-year-old. However, she felt overwhelmed by the added pressure from the school to fix the issue.


The woman said money is tight and she doesn’t need the added stress of a rigid dress code policy. Lori told WYFF:

“Basically, he’s sent out of class, he has to go to the office and announce that he’s there because he has a hole in his pants in front of all these other kids.

As a mother, that broke my heart.”

According to The Laurens County District 55 dress code clothing with “holes or emerging holes” are prohibited.


She added:

“I think that the policy might need to be changed a little. I don’t think that they have to nitpick like they do.”

Lori told WCNC:

“He had to come home because of that he missed an entire day of education because of that.

I asked is this really a reason for him to have to be sent to the office and disrupt his morning disrupt his entire day? And she was like, well, we realize it’s not a hole, it’s what we call an emerging hole.”

In a statement sent to the station, the school district said they’re working with Lori to resolve the issue:

Dress code policies are a standard element of school behavioral expectations. If a teacher has a dress code concern, it is not unusual for a student to be sent to the office to help resolve the issue.

This is typically done quietly and discreetly. Both Principal Anna Brink and Superintendent Dr. Stephen G. Peters have spoken with the parent in this situation and we are working with the parent to ensure any concerns are addressed.

Lori said the school provided new clothes for Ethan, however, she’s still concerned the dress code policy promotes bullying and exclusion for low-income families who can’t afford nicer clothes.

According to WCNC, 52,400 low-income students are enrolled in the school district this year.

Watch the video below:

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2 Replies to “Mom Outraged After School Sent Home Son for ‘Emerging Hole.’ She Admits She Can’t Afford a Nicer Pair of Jeans”

  • robert ALDRICH 2 years ago

    Despite the fact that I agree with the mother, I think she can afford to buy a new pair of pants if she would stop eating 10,000 calories a day!

  • Mary 2 years ago

    Teacher is nuts.

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