A Houston, Texas family was very surprised when their 4-year-old daughter showed up at home when she supposed to be in school for a few more hours.

As 4-year-old Alyssa White’s mom, Ashley Palms, explained to KHOU11, Alyssa usually makes the walk home from school with her older brother and a few other neighborhood kids.

But this time it was just Alyssa knocking on their door with no one else around.

According to KTRK, when Palms asked her little girl why she was home, Alyssa explained that she got left behind while she and her peers made a trip to the bathroom.

Alyssa continued telling her mom that she couldn’t find her way back to her classroom, so she exited the front gate of Law Elementary school and, all by herself, walked 10 minutes home.

After learning that her daughter allegedly escaped from her school without anyone realizing it, Palms took her daughter back. She told KTRK that she was “outraged” over the fact that the school let this happen.

Surveillance cameras from inside the institution captured the moment Alyssa decided to walk out of the school. Palms explained to KHOU what she saw when watching the footage:

“(The kids in the class) went to the bathroom, and when they came out of the bathroom, everybody was gone out of the hallway. And (Alyssa) didn’t know where to go, didn’t know how to get back to the classroom, didn’t see anybody.  She sat down on the ground and hugged her knees for a few minutes, then she got up and started pushing the doors and walked right out of the school.”

She told KTRK, “you could see in the video how scared she was.”

Palms said the principal learned Alyssa escaped shortly after her mother brought her back. The principal told Palms that a person had seen the 4-year-old walking alone and notified the front office.


The mom told KTRK:

“The moment the bystander outside noticed my daughter was walking down the street and she alerted the school, I feel like they should have been put on lockdown somehow.”

Palms continued:

“She could have been kidnapped, abducted anything could have happened.”

Since then, HISD has issued a statement claiming that they are looking into “how best to ensure the safety of all HISD student.” Law Elementary is also “reviewing its procedures to ensure that all children are properly supervised.”

The mom told KHOU 11 that the principal of her daughter’s school was “apologetic” and her daughter’s pre-school teacher admitted to being distracted by the other children and didn’t realize Alyssa was missing.

Palms said she hopes the school and her daughter’s teacher does learn a lesson from this event.

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10 Replies to “‘Outraged’ Mom Says 4-Year-Old Daughter Was Able to Leave and Walk Home From School Without Anyone Noticing”

  • Vida powell 1 year ago

    Thank God she alright.u are blessed.love u all

  • Richie 1 year ago

    Its not all the schools fault. Take some responsibility and teach her not to leave the school but to stay where she is. But the school teach her the way to class and the office just in case.

  • fxy10ldy 1 year ago

    Have you ever tried head count? That way you would know how many went in and how many came out?

  • kenneth hall 1 year ago

    What are you teaching your daughter? I do not accept your child sneaking out the school and going home to be a school problem. It is 50/50!!!

  • Vickie Lethco 1 year ago

    That tell you the teacher was not standing next to them in. Hall way .there supposed to watch each child go to the bathroom. And .help them back. To there room. And .don’t leave know one. Be shine

  • Lady 1 year ago

    The person who said it’s not the school fault must not have childten, this is a four year old for crying out loud and the teacher should have taken responsibility for each and every child no matter what their race is. It is customary to take a head count when your in a setting of that sort. Children think like children. Yes, as a result of this the staff should make sure the children know their way back to the classroom and the office but this could have been caught in a timely manner if a head count was done. Sincerely yours ?

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    O My God, you better believe she has an Angel watching over her! In The Name Of Jesus. ?

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    The Mom should also shoulder responsibility.
    Her daughter should have been taught to locate a grown up not leave and go home.
    after all she was in a school full of children and grown ups no excuses of she was smart enough to walk home she could have just as easily found a grown up in the building.

  • Patricia Lynes 1 year ago

    There is no excuse for this. I’ve been a teacher’s aide. When you take kids anywhere you count and count again.

  • MARY SUE BOTTSTEIN 1 year ago

    Many years ago on the first day of school I had sent my students to the bathroom to clean up after fingerprinting and one did not return. I dismissed my class and asked the kindergartner teacher to help me look for her because I was not sure of her discription. I had tried calling the parents but the phone was busy. After being sure she was not at school I walked to her home. To my relief she was there. Mom did not ask why she was not with her other siblings as she was the one one the phone. My student said she was tired of school and decided to go home. It was impressed on the student she was not to do this again. I lived near the school and walked to work.

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