Like many moms, Carolanne Lindsay had taken inventory of her kitchen to see what needed restocking. On the list? Coffee pods.

Posted by Carolanne Lindsay on Friday, April 28, 2017

The 39-year-old mother from St. Athan, Wales, ordered the pods from Amazon anticipating they’d arrive in no time. The circumstances surrounding their arrival, however, would make anyone think twice before clicking the next “order” button online.

As the Mirror UK reports, Lindsay was “horrified” to discover the delivery of the coffee pods, as requested, in the middle of her living room. The delivery driver, who was contracted through Amazon, reportedly entered Lindsay’s home and left the package on her couch.

Lindsay said the incident left her shaking.

In an interview with the Scottish Sun, she explained at the time she believed all the doors were locked:

“We have no idea how he managed to get in the house because both the back and front doors were locked. My five-year-old had obviously left the patio doors unlocked after letting the dog out.

This one instance when my son left the door unlocked and we didn’t check, and this happens.

What we couldn’t understand was there was a large eight-seater dining room table right by the patio door, but he went through there and into the living room. […]

We are a military family. We go around and check our doors for safety because obviously with the things that are happening in the world at the moment, we have to be secure.”

Lindsay, whose husband has been deployed with the Royal Air Force, expressed that recent attempted abductions of RAF members have left her family on edge.

In addition to finding the package of coffee pods in her home, Lindsay discovered the driver left a note through the door clearly admitting that they had been left indoors:

In the box titled “Where’s your package now?”, the driver wrote: “On sofa”

According to the Sun, after calling Amazon customer service, Lindsay claimed the driver allegedly lied about being told to leave the package indoors:

“They told me that the driver knocked on the door and ‘the customer confirmed and asked if they could put the parcel through a living room window.’

Why did he leave a calling card if this is true?”

As the Mirror reports, Lindsay sent numerous emails to Amazon. The company assured her that the third-party delivery driver would be removed from his route and would receive additional training.

Amazon also reportedly offered the distraught mother financial compensation, which she rejected.

For Lindsay, the bottom line is peace of mind.

She revealed to the Sun that it wasn’t just the delivery driver’s actions, but the “what ifs” of the whole thing:

“My first thought, and I know it sounds ridiculous, was what if he’d planted cameras in the house.

Or he could have gone through my drawers and taken something. I wouldn’t know until that one moment we want something and it isn’t there.”

A spokesperson for Amazon told the Sun:

“We have very high standards for independent delivery companies who deliver Amazon parcels and how they serve customers.

We have investigated this matter with the delivery provider and the driver is no longer delivering Amazon parcels.”

This isn’t the first time Amazon has been in the hot seat over its contracted drivers. In May, a female delivery driver was busted for throwing packages from her car onto customers’ doorsteps. She has since been fired.

Lindsay is now weighing her family’s safety against the convenience of having something dropped on her doorstep. As she told the Sun: “He’s trespassed on my property. I don’t want any deliveries to come to my home.”

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