Mary Katherine Backstrom, a blogger at Mom Babble, was definitely having a “mom moment” when she took her son into Starbucks with her for a caffeine moment that turned into a peep show instead.

The mother described being hungry because she skipped lunch, while her son, “Nugget,” was climbing up the walls because he also missed something — his nap. He was wound up and ready to burst as the pair stood in the long line while his mom just waits for him to blow.

And then it happened, just not in a way Backstrom was expecting.

She explained:

I walk up to the barista, order a nuclear dose of caffeine, a snack for the kiddo, and then…

I feel a cool breeze.

On my butt.

It takes just a second for me to realize that my son has lifted my dress over his head, and is wearing it like a hat, with my granny panties and dimpled behind flashing for the entire world to see.

But in that one second, he also spun around, and this is going to be hard to explain but: my son wrapped his head up like a dumdum with my dress and he was ABSOLUTELY WIGGING OUT because


All the while my butt is showing and the barista wants me to complete my order.

Now pause.

I am a mom blogger, yall. It’s great to have this large following and it goes with the territory that I get recognized occasionally. And hey…that’s fun!


Except for when my son’s head is literally stuck against my butt, shrink-wrapped like a lollipop, and he’s panicking because he might just die back there and, really: Could there be anything worse?

When I finally got Nugget out of my dress, covered my butt back up, and turned to pay the barista, my tab had been covered.

“The man said to tell you that ‘he’s a fan'”.


Now I’ll always have to wonder if he’s a fan of this page, a fan of my parenting, or just a fan of that family circus that travels around Florida showing the world that no matter how bad your day is, you could always be a mom whose child got stuck in her dress, revealing her behind to an entire Starbucks.

Either way….thank you, kind sir.

The latte was especially delicious with my humble pie.

Angela Moore thought the accidental flashing worked out so well for Backstrom, she wanted to try it herself:

Britt EPIC way to get free coffee!!! May I borrow your nugget??? I promise to wear shorts under my dress!!! And if I have to pay I’ll let him insert my card and push the buttons for my PIN!!!

Jessica Lincoln took a stab at what the generous man might have been a fan of:

Maybe he was a fan of those granny panties

Cristy Nielsen went a little farther with her guess:

Pretty sure it was your a$$ he was a fan of!!!

And Caelee Beatty even brought some Starbucks humor into the mix:

He’s a fan of your booty!!! Lol. This story takes the cake! Or Starbucks cake pop.

While Backstrom may never know why or who the mysterious nice guy was that covered her bill, she does know he got an unexpected eyeful, thanks to her spinning son and her dress.

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