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Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

Krechelle and Dave Carter are parents to six beautiful children.

Oh, and did we mention that all six of them are under the age of 6?

Yes, you heard right. And, “yes,” Krechelle clarifies, “they are all from the same man; thanks so much for asking.”

What did she just say ?!?!Yes I have six kids under the age of six- and yes they are all from the same man; thanks so…

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The young mom wrote on Facebook that:

Having six children this young is a struggle! We struggle to get to the shops, we struggle out to dinner, with school runs and keeping the house clean; but, I mean, doesn’t everybody?

She and her husband can handle the daily chores and errands, but what they really struggle with are “people’s unwanted opinions.”

Courtesy of Krechelle Carter

For every inappropriate question about her family, the young mom has a witty and well-thought-out response. Krechelle told Dearly there are people who “think they have a say on how many children I have.”

The invasive questions became too much for her. Having strangers sit her down and lecture her that “it would be too irresponsible and unkind to [their] other children” to have more babies was the last straw.

So she unloaded her frustrations online to clap back at judgmental know-it-alls. She set the scene for a typical outing with her family:

The husband and I are waiting for the shops to open with one trolley containing two kids, one pram with two kids and two running around in circles.

With the situation completely under control, Krechelle braced herself as a “smug lady in her 40s” sauntered over, baring the question, “They are not all yours are they?!?!”

Posted by Eightathome on Friday, May 19, 2017

Quickly, Krechelle retorted:

“Yep, sure are; born and bred from my uterus; surprisingly enough my pelvic floor is still fantastic — isn’t it babe (I look at Dave with a wink).”

When incredulously asked whether, “they all have the same father,” Krechelle fired back:

“Well we haven’t had them genetically tested but we’re fairly certain the first four are this guys (gestures to Dave).”

Not getting the hint, the middle-age woman pressed on, inquiring whether the couple owned a television, insinuating that she thinks they need a new hobby. Lucky for them, Krechelle and Dave own three televisions, but, “who would pass up mind blowing sex for tv; are you nuts?”

Krechelle had an answer for everything, including, “Is this man your husband?”:

“No actually my husband’s at home, he deserves a rest — this is my lover — Fernando.”

Her short list encapsulates only some of the prying questions she faces. Krechelle got serious at the end of her post to illustrate a really important point about shaming, writing:

It’s not okay to make someone feel like the amount of children they have is wrong or right. It’s actually no one’s g*d d**n business. Whether you have zero children or 10 children. If they are happy and healthy and loved!!

Krechelle told Dearly that she and her husband split all the work evenly. While they do have their own separate roles, Krechelle proudly boasted that they, “are the best teammates. We support each other 100 percent.”

She’s particularly grateful for her husband during the more challenging moments. But as she recalled a particularly tough time when a “tummy bug” infected her family of eight, she qualified that, “with Dave by [her] side, [they] can get through anything.”

Most of the time, having a large family is full of perks. Krechelle described the best part about having a large family as:

“[H]aving eight people in a household who love each other unconditionally, who share Christmas and birthdays, who celebrate each other’s wins, and gather ’round when one of us is feeling down.”

She added:

“Large families mean never being alone, and I feel being together is the most wonderful thing.”

For those wondering, Krechelle and Dave have no plans to expand their family. “Five cesareans” are a lot for one body to handle! In addition, “six [children] feels right” for their family. Krechelle believes that every family has their own number, and for her family, “six is the number that is right for [them].”

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Moms put enough pressure on themselves without random spectators adding in their two cents. Krechelle wanted to quell mothers’ fears, saying that, “if you got through the day and your baby is happy and fed, mamma, you’re doing all right.” She continued to say:

We can’t always do our best, and some days it might feel like to us we’re doing the worst, but to our babes, we’re the most amazing thing in their lives. Give yourself a break, take that five minutes to rest and just know that you’re doing a magnificent job!

And to those who are amazed by Krechelle and Dave’s large family, she humbly said: “Look, our house is no different to any other house; anyone with young children will tell you it’s crazy, but all of the little wins and tiny smiles make it all worth the while!”

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