In early January, Aaron Weddles, 41, and his wife, Princess Walker, 32, were reported missing. And missing along with the Stockton, California, parents were their five children.

As Dearly previously reported, one week later, on January 9, Stockton police spotted the couple’s car. Inside were Weddles, Walker, and three of their children. The couple’s one-year-old twins were nowhere to be found. Walker and Weddles have reportedly refused to cooperate with authorities to find them.

A security guard at a Stockton In-N-Out told KTXL she had an encounter with Walker outside of the fast food chain while Walker was reported to be missing. Walker explained she had been living in her car with Weddles, and the couple had just had a fight.

When Laura Salazar approached the car to make sure everything was okay, she didn’t see any children. As she told KTXL:

“It broke my heart when I read the [news], because I could have done something, you know.”

Salazar said Walker appeared troubled and had she seen children in the car, she would’ve called the police.

One week after Walker and Weddles were found living in squalor in their white Suzuki SUV with their three children, KTXL reports. The couple is being held in San Joaquin County Jail on charges of child endangerment. The three children are in protective custody— and the parents remain silent on the whereabouts of their other two children, 20-month-olds Setina and Ren.

According to KTXL, Walker and Weddles appeared in court on January 16. Walker’s ex-husband, Richard Walker, and former stepdaughter, Patreona Walker, attended the hearing over their concerns for the missing children.

Walker’s ex-husband saw the couple sit side-by-side during their appearance and noticed that Walker and Weddles smiled at each other. Richard Walker called the display “disgusting”:

“To me, that was disgusting, you know, due to the situation.”

Richard Walker told KTXL he hadn’t been contacted by his ex-wife in five years and he, too, had suffered not knowing the whereabouts of his own children at one time. He described the experience as “[m]iserable for me and stressful.”

Walker’s ex-husband said it was unusual that the woman wasn’t speaking up about her missing children:

“She’s not saying anything, you know … it’s just weird to me.”

He added his suspicions over the case:

“I really think that there’s been some foul play.”

Patreona Walker said she just wants Walker to tell authorities the whereabouts of the twins:

“Please just tell them where they are, that’s all we here for.”

Patreona Walker described her former stepmother’s appearance in court as “…kinda mad and shocked at the same time.”

Aaron Weddles and Princess Walker are due back in court on January 23 for arraignment and outstanding warrants, reports KTXL. Anyone with information about the missing twins is urged to call (209) 937-8323 or, if after hours, (209) 937-7911. Crime Stoppers is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the twins.

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