A mom of a daughter with cancer spoke on behalf of kids with a weakened immune system when urging parents to get their children vaccinated.

Mother Nicole Stellon O’Donnell took to Twitter on Wednesday to show those who choose not to vaccinate their children the devasting effect their decision can have on others.

As previously reported by Dearly, O’Donnell reverberated the warning of medical professionals in her online plea. She wrote that parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids are not only putting their own children at risk but others as well.

The mother of two explained that a casual exposure to the measles while at a grocery store had devasting consequences when her 8-year-old daughter was in chemotherapy.

The girl, who was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2014, was quarantined for an entire month.

In a viral thread with 76,000 likes and 56,000 retweets, O’Donnell discussed her daughter’s reduced ability to fight infections and other diseases and the effect it had on the family.

O’Donnell wrote that the 8-year-old was forced to wear a mask on a return flight home from chemo treatment. She wrote:

“This may not seem like a big deal, but imagine being eight, bald, skeletal, without eyebrows and eyelashes and having to wear a face mask in public.”

Consequently, after the lengthy ordeal, the mother begged parents to get the flu shot and their kids vaccinated, calling it an “act of compassion.”

She explained, in part:

“It’s an act of compassion for the many children who need herd immunity because their immune systems are not working.”

Commenters backed O’Donnell by sharing their own similar stories.

According to BBC, vaccinating helps protect newborns, pregnant women, infants, and cancer patients from severe or life-threatening diseases.

As Yahoo! reports, O’Donnell did not immediately return its request for comment.

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2 Replies to “Mom Asks Other Parents to Think of Her Child With Cancer When Deciding Whether to Vaccinate or Not”

  • Deb Hunt 2 years ago

    If your child is going through chemo then it is not the unvaccinated child who does not have the disease but the newly vaccinated child with the live virus shedding all over the place.

    • Kerri Johnson 2 years ago

      That’s a myth. True vaccine shedding really only happens with the oral polio vaccine and the smallpox vaccine, two vaccines that aren’t really used anymore (currently children get the inactivated polio vaccine shot). These viruses can be shed, however those exposed to the shed virus don’t typically get sick because the virus is in an attenuated (weakened) form.

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