Last week, the amazing 22-year-old America came to know and love as Kodi Lee won the 24th season of “America’s Got Talent.”

From the second Lee took the stage for his audition and earned a golden buzzer to his very last performance on the show, Lee remained a fan favorite.

Now, the 22-year-old—who is both blind and autistic—says he knows exactly what he wants to do with the $1 million he gets to take home. In an interview with E! News, the self-proclaimed “piano man” has one thing on his mind:

“I will buy lots of grand pianos in every color.”

His mom, Tina Lee, just smiled and shook her head at her beloved son’s response.

As Dearly previously reported, Tina, as well as the rest of Lee’s family, knew their son and brother was deeply talented at a very young age. As the proud mom told the judges during Lee’s audition, the first time Lee heard a piano his “eyes went huge.”

She shared similar sentiments when talking to E! News following her son’s big win. Tina said they knew from about the age of two that Lee was going to change the world:

“When we saw that special musical ability in him, we just, we knew there was something really special about him. And then as we just kept working with him, he just kept blowing people’s minds everywhere we went. We knew we had to share him with the world.”

Tina also said that the show has changed her view of the world after she admitted she often felt the world was against her son for so long:

“Seeing the world react the way they did like I don’t even have the words to express how thankful and how they’ve given me hope and it’s made me feel like anything’s possible. The world can be there by your side. It’s awesome because they just did the most wonderful thing by changing the world together.[…] They just opened so many doors for all their children.”


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  • Mary Kaczmarek 2 years ago

    Kodiak ale is so awesome and you are an exceptional mother. I think the world is proud of both of you.

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