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Mom of 4 Vanished 11 Days Ago. With Each Passing Day, Her Kids Worry More and More

Mom of 4 Vanished 11 Days Ago. With Each Passing Day, Her Kids Worry More and More

It’s been 11 days since a mom with newborn twins and two other children was last seen by her family.

With each passing day, Savannah Spurlock’s children grow more worried about their mother as authorities search for Spurlock.

Surveillance video captured the 22-year-old walking out of a bar with two men on Friday, January 4, near the University of Kentucky campus, reports the Lexington Herald.

Richmond police found a black Chevy pick-up truck connected to the investigation and questioned three people without an arrest.

Richmond Police

Savannah’s aunt Elaine Moore told the paper on the day she mysteriously vanished, the mother of four called her mom and aunt. She said:

“She talked to her mom at about 2:30 a.m. when she was leaving the bar and told her she would be home in a few hours.

That’s the last time she talked to her. She’s always been very good about letting her parents know if she’s staying out late, for them not to worry about her.”

Richmond police described the mother of four as being 5-feet tall and weighs about 140 pounds. She has brown eyes and brown hair that she colors blonde.

She also has several tattoos.

MISSING PERSONThe Richmond Police Department is searching for 22-yar old Savannah Spurlock. Savannah was last seen on…

Posted by Richmond Police Department on Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Savannah’s mother, Ellen Spurlock, told WKYT, the disappearance has been the hardest on her oldest son.


Ellen said:

“He saw her on TV one night and said ‘mommy.’ He misses her.”

She explained:

“He doesn’t know what’s going on, but my fear is how long can that take place, you know? Mommy is not here for 11 days, each day is another day. How long can that take place?”

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The family has shared updates on a Facebook page titled “Missing Savannah.”

In an emotional video message, Spurlock’s aunt, Lisa Thoma, thanked the community for their prayers and help.

Please share these thoughts from family. Thank you for your continued positive thoughts and prayers. Anyone with information, please call Richmond, KY police at 859-623-8911. LEX 18 WKYT ABC 36 The AWARE Foundation, Inc.

Posted by Missing Savannah on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

If you know anything, authorities urge you to come forward and call the Richmond, Kentucky police department.

The family is having a difficult time but is leaning on one another and “leaning into God,” says Thoma.

Watch the video below:

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  • 4 kids by the time she was 22. Newborn at home and going to a bar with 2 men. Probably different fathers for each kid. I think she is a skank and one of her baby daddies probably killed her.

    • Wow and we wonder what’s wrong with our world today. It’s pathetic assholes like you. Get a dictionary and look up the word compassion as you clearly have no clue what it means. Think of those 4 children that don’t have their mom. You can also get off your high horse as I know you as any other human has made bad choices in your life. She’s 22 years old, bad choice or not no one deserves something like this.

    • I agree. She was a skank. And leaving the bar with 2 men at 2:30 am when she had 4 kids at home? I feel sympathy for her young kids. It’s always the kids that suffer.

    • “Showing lack of knowledge” is the definition of ignorant. Since I would never call you ignorant it must be that you did not or could not read the article. It is quite impossible for the TWINS to have different fathers….. and it is “Newborns” at home…And by your lack of respect of this young women. I can only assume your mother does not know your true heart when it comes to respect of women or she would smack your mouth….

      • You said, “Showing lack of knowledge is the definition of ignorant”. So you’re admitting to being ignorant? You then said, “It is quite impossible for TWINS to have different fathers”. Google “heteropaternal superfecundation”, then edit your post.

      • I’m sorry, “Anonymous”, but it clearly states she has FOUR children; newborn twins and two older kids. Quite possible there are more than one father involved. I pray she hasn’t met a violent end, but this girl is clearly not living right.

    • How can you call someone a skank for having 4 kids and going out a mother does need a break from her kids it doesn’t excuse what could of happened to her plus her family is reading the comments. You should be ashamed of yourself and how would you like someone to say that about you maybe you should look at yourself before judging someone else. Have a little respect,

  • Time is passing and the investigators have that window where they can be aggressively searching for her and that time is now. Let there be no stone unturned.
    Please don’t victimize the victim. She may make poor choices, but no one has the right to harm her.

        • She might have known the 2 guys!! It doesn’t say in the article, so you are assuming a lot. And you don’t know if she was drinking or not.

          • THANK YOU!! My gosh, none of us know anything about her other than what’s written. And we all know what happens when one “assumes” something, and that seems to be what’s happening right now.
            If something awful has happened (which nobody wants), regardless of what her choices were, it was the perpetrator/s who made that choice to do something wrong. THEY would be the only one/s that should carry guilt, shame or remorse.
            This attitude is part of why people don’t come forward following assaults/rapes. They fear the shame that others pile on & they shouldn’t. It’s classic re-victimization & those that are guilty of it should be ashamed of themselves & take a hard look at what’s inside of them. NOBODY on this earth has the right to pass judgement on others. Remember the saying about not judging others until you’ve walked in their shoes? Very fitting here, I think.

      • She might have known the 2 guys!! It doesn’t say in the article, so you are assuming a lot. And you don’t know if she was drinking or not.

  • All of you bleeding heart liberals WOULD defend the skank!
    She is a hoe, plain and simple. Now perhaps her children will have the opportunity to grow up in a decent home.

    • I am not a bleeding heart liberal by any means, but who are you to judge! The one who yells the loudest is sometimes the most guilty. Thought for the day.

    • Shut up! All of these negative comments don’t take away the fact that a 22 yr old woman is missing. I don’t care if she was walking with 10 men it still doesnt mean they can do what they want to her. Hose comments must come from a Satan aka supporter, the GOP have no respect for women. It’s not the libs it’s people like Casey and Anoymous that think women should not be safe around men like them. I hope she is found safe sending prayers??

  • Casey you are a judge mental bitch. She’s young and dumb but doesn’t deserve to be missing. Could happen to anyone. Hope it won’t happen to someone you love!

  • Longer it is
    It doesn’t look good
    She might go out
    But I’m sure she would leave her kids
    We can’t judge
    We don’t know nothing

  • Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Yes, the circumstances look horrible. It does look like she may be someone who is promiscuous, but then again, that’s the majority of our world. Her kids were safe at home, her family knew where she was. She liked to go to bars and get it on it seems. Well so what, I’m sure we all know plenty of people like that. I hope she is found alive so her children can have peace. I hope that if there is foul play that the people who have done the crime get caught. No person going to a bar to drink and pick someone up for sex deserves to be hurt or killed.

    • Why does it “look like she may be someone who is promiscuous…”??? Because she was at a bar and left with 2 guys? Nobody knows if she knew the men or not. Then you say “She liked to go to bars and get it on it seems”–Really?? The article doesn’t say that she goes to bars all the time and “gets it on” with men. OMG….you go even further and ASSUME (not based on any fact whatsoever!): “No person going to a bar to drink and pick someone up for sex….” WHAT?!? You are doing a lot of assuming and judging this young lady based on no fact whatsoever. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Judgemental you say.?
    I say she deserves whatever happens to her.
    Young, naive? How about stupid and selfish.
    Sluts do things, thinking only of themselves. Rational people think of their consequences.

    • Casey, You sound someone that has some serious issues …. anger issues towards this woman. Makes me question your home life.

    • Casey James shame on you maybe you are a whore or slut I pray for the day something like this happens to you or worse. People like you are what makes this world ugly and God will give you what you deserve on judgment day

    • So glad you’re so perfect, rational & never made a foolish mistake. I’d love it if you could tell all of us how you reached perfection.

  • Wow…the comments. I hope you all are judged as harshly on judgement day. Quick to draw an opinion on one article. Hope y’all enjoy your perfectly led life and never have to deal with a tragedy like this

  • Why would you leave a bar with two males,unless you can trust them with your life….very sad….does not look good…I’m afraid these poor little babies are never going see their Mom…

  • i pray they will fine her alive and that she will see the light and raise her babies. i ask our Lord to take care of these 4 innocent babies that probably have no mother anymore.

  • Seems like she was out looking for baby daddy number 4. I hope they find her alive and well,slutty or not she doesn’t deserve to be kidnapped or murdered.

    • Exactly WHY does it “Seems like she was out looking for baby daddy number 4”??? You sure are assuming a lot. Women can go places alone without the purpose of picking up a man for sex. That’s what men do!! You are saying something ugly and hateful about this girl and you don’t know her at all.

  • Wow ? So many rude comments it makes me sad to live in a world where there are so many judgmental people. Just because her actions wouldn’t have been yours doesn’t give you the right to judge, and honestly it’s so disrespectful to her family.

    Would you like to sit here and read horrible comments about your family members? I am guessing no! So stop being so judgmental.

    • I was thinking that same thing. It’s disgusting to see so many rude comments. We all choose different paths and we are all human and make mistakes. I don’t wish horrible things upon anyone and it’s sad to see such comments like those.

  • Her being a young mother with children at home is here nor there . The fact is she is missing. Your insensitive remarks help no one . Please have some empathy. I hope they find her safe and well ??

  • None of this is a reason for anyone to kidnap or kill her but if she were at home with all her babies she wouldn’t have been in a situation to be taken. She was OBVIOUSLY very cozy with one of these men and if her family and friends don’t recognize him then he’s a STRANGER!! As women we LEARN not to leave alone, with strangers….buddy system! Get his number, go home to your babies and talk to “new dude” another day.
    Her environment was NOT smart and she was in her environment by choice. Her obligations were at home. If her mother let her keep making children but not holding her responsible for taking care of them…well then…I don’t know.

    Again, it’s not right for ANYONE to abduct or harm ANY PERSON no matter who they are or what they were doing…..but her actions show she wasn’t being careful. That’s like shopping at the dollar store & bitching about cheap products. Basically don’t be surprised when you put all the building blocks in place for your abduction is all…..

    • Another person blaming the victim! Because she was out that night does NOT make her a bad mom! And we’re in situations every day where someone could “take” us, so quit blaming her. You are making some harsh judgements that are wrong! You don’t know, maybe she was at a small community hangout and knew the guys she left with? There are all kinds of scenarios. But, it doesn’t matter. It is not her fault and you need to think about that.

  • As you judge God to will judge!!!!
    How dare you all spew your self righteous thoughts, irrelevant thoughts I pray my father in heaven shows more mercy to you then you did to this girl and her sick with grief family but how about for the time being let the family grieve without your oppressive opinions and snide comments.

  • Who are we to judge? I guarantee you she was getting WIC, Medicaid, Section 8 subsidies, etc. on our dime. 4 kids at 22 and you’re leaving a bar with 2 men mind you at 2:30 am and you will be home “in a few hours”. She didn’t deserve to die but to dismiss her actions that contributed to her death is laughable. We live in a post morals society where nobody is accountable and it’s all about them. The result is pregnant women in New York can legally kill their babies right up until birth. We are a bankrupt society.

    • Quit blaming the victim!!! A woman has the right to be where she wants to be at any time and wearing whatever she wants. It is NOT her fault. Blame the people or persons who may have taken her. THAT is who is guilty. NOBODY else! We are a “bankrupt” society because of judgemental, cold, hateful people like you. Next time you want to cry about society, go look in the mirror, buddy. You’re part of the problem.

  • Hopefully she is found and not harmed. That is the important thing with 4 children waiting for her. People need to realize have fun but use common sense and not get drunk or go with strangers when it’s not good situation .

    • Do you know if she was drunk or even drinking??? Hmmm? Do you? Do you know if the 2 guys were strangers to her?? NO, I DIDN’T THINK SO.

  • I’m a father of one with another on the way and I love my family and child. That being said I have no time to go to bars let alone after working all day and chasing my kid all evening. I can bearly stay up past ten most nights. It is clear this woman has a very loving and supportive family to give her the time to do that kind of activity. I hope she is found safe best wishes.

  • as a single mom of twins and one more myself- I don’t think she deserved to be killed…
    But she didn’t deserve those kids either.
    What was thinking, she was a baby farm?
    What kind of family lets this go on and does nothing?
    She was a hoe. And that was normal to them?
    hope dads can handle the results of knocking up this girl…
    victim blaming blah blah blah…
    “she had the right”
    You’re one of these stupid a** feminists, aren’t you? you have the right to… have no common sense and justify total degeneracy at every turn with no idea of personal responsibility.
    She could’ve had ten kids and been a crack hoe and youd still be here, “her rights!”
    You know I think she herself had no idea about similar things..

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