A North Carolina mom pulled her 4-year-old daughter out of school recently after the girl told her about something disturbing that she said occurred in the classroom.

Mom Dominique Davis told the Winston-Salem Journal that she first noticed something was wrong when her daughter Akyra came home from Middle Fork Elementary on January 24 with dried blood on her finger.

When Davis asked Akyra what happened, she looked “sad” and said she “didn’t know.”

The mom took her daughter to urgent care where she was told that the girl’s finger injury was actually an infected bite mark and that another one of the girl’s fingers was broken, Fox 61 reports.

Davis quickly contacted the 4-year-old’s pre-kindergarten teacher, who gave her two separate stories. She told WFMY in an interview:

“She said ‘Oh well, my assistant told me it could have happened on a broken basket in the classroom.’ She then changed her story to ‘It happened on a paper towel dispenser.’”

But the mom didn’t buy it, so she asked her 4-year-old daughter exactly what caused the wound — and her answer was horrifying.

Akyra has a disability caused by a seizure condition, which makes it difficult for her to explain things, the mom explained. But, the Winston-Salem Journal reports she eventually told her mother that it was a teacher that bit her finger.

The mom told the Winston-Salem Journal:

“I sat her down and I said, ‘Akyra who did this to your hand?’


And it took a couple times of me asking and she told me her teacher did it.”

Davis filed a report with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, and they are currently investigating.

Brent Campbell, a spokesperson for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, said that they are also conducting an internal investigation, Fox 61 reports.

No teachers at the school are facing disciplinary action at this time. The mom has since decided to pull her daughter out of the school.

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