Kentucky mom Jordan Talley was thrilled when she gave birth to a baby girl on April 9. Though she was a little smaller than expected, baby Lucy was in perfect health. 

Talley told Love What Matters that she immediately noticed some pain at the hospital when her little one latched on for breastfeeding. She was told by the lactation consultant on staff it was because Lucy had a “shallow latch.” 

But over time, Talley started to notice more issues with breastfeeding.

Jordan Talley/Facebook

The baby ate frequently, but Talley noticed that she didn’t seem to be getting enough milk and looked tired.

And even though the hospital showed her ways to help Lucy’s shallow latch, the pain during breastfeeding continued, People reports. 

Then at a doctor’s visit, the worried mom learned that her baby had dropped a pound of weight in less than a month.

Jordan Talley/Facebook

Talley said: 

“She had a very thin face and no longer had that full, chubby-cheeked baby face. Her eyes were dull and sunken in.”

Talley was concerned that her body wasn’t supplying enough milk for the baby and went to another lactation expert. 

And within minutes, the concerned mother got her answer. 

The lactation expert diagnosed Lucy with a tongue and lip tie, according to People.

The problem restricts the tongue’s range of motion and can make it extremely difficult for babies to feed. 

Talley said: 

“I was relieved that we had an answer. Lucy had to work really hard to get milk out … which explains why she was nursing so frequently.”

Lucy had corrective surgery for the problem the very next day and quickly regained the weight she lost. 

Now the mom hopes her story will encourage other mother’s to seek help with breastfeeding if there are issues, instead of just blaming themselves. 

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